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Donald Trump – Stages and events of life, Trump politics
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Donald Trump – Stages and events of life, Trump politics

Donald Trump

Donald Trump was born on June 14 of 1946, in Queens, New York City, United States.

He was an American entrepreneur and the former 45th President of the USA.

He won the 2017 election under the slogan “Make America Great Again.”

And he was reluctant to take office in 2021 after countless controversies as the most controversial President in recent US history left.

Donald Trump was born in the middle of the 20th century; he was born in the post-war period in 1946. His generation includes Bill Clinton (1946) and George W. Bush (1946).

He consumed his early childhood in the 1940 and grew up in the 1950s.

Stages and events in the life of Donald Trump

  1. 1946: Birth on June 14 in Queens, New York City in the United States
  2. 2016: Voted Person of the Year by “Time Magazin.”
  3. 2017: Sworn in as President of the United States of America
  4. 2021: 75th birthday this year on June 14

Which zodiac sign does Trump have?

  • Donald Trump was born in the western zodiac sign of Gemini. According to the Chinese horoscope, he was born in the dog’s year (element fire).

How tall is Trump?

  • Donald Trump is about 1.88 meters tall.

Childhood and adolescence of Donald Trump

No “improper words” and no nicknames

  • Donald Trump’s childhood and adolescence also included a family code. After that, “improper words” were frowned upon, and snacks between meals taboo.
  • Fred C. Trump demanded obedience and loyalty from his son – no ifs or buts.
  • But he also gave his children a sense of superiority. It may have radiated into the time of Donald Trump’s
  • One day the father is said to have said to his son that although he was a “king,” he had to become a “killer.”
  • In the Trump family, all children were forbidden to address each other by nicknames or nicknames.
  • Donald’s older brother Freddy struggled to submit to the discipline

Painful heel spurs and no use in Vietnam

  • He pronounced military school education and his modest successes as an athlete.
  • Donald Trump knew how to avoid a Vietnam mission for medical reasons.
  • The decisive factor was – according to Trump’s statements – painful heel spurs.
  • In 1964, Donald Trump left the New York Military Academy and studied economics at Fordham University in New York for several semesters.
  • He then enrolled at the famous Wharton School in Philadelphia and chose a major in real estate economics.
  • During this time, however, he worked alongside his studies in his father’s company.
  • It emerges from the Trump biography written by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher’s, the two renowned reporters of the Washington Post summarized under the title “The Truth About Trump.”

The name Trump – Fortune thanks to licensing deals

  • If Donald Trump is asked about the various casinos and other buildings around the world in interviews, he always replies: “I have nothing to do with that – it just says my name.
  • ” After the numerous insolvency proceedings of his casinos, he still had naming rights to the buildings for a few years until he finally ceded properties such as the Trump Taj Mahal in full.
  • Today countless properties around the world bear the Trump name. Donald Trump does not have much to do with these properties, although he is well paid for using his name.
  • Thanks to mature licensing deals, hundreds of buildings worldwide have been named Trump, while very few of them are in his possession.

The name Trump - Fortune thanks to licensing deals

The campaign year 2020

  • Donald Trump with Vice President Mike Pence
  • On November 3, 2020, President Trump stood for re-election against former Vice President of the Democrats Joe Biden, running for the 59th election as President of the United States.
  • On the day of his inaugural ceremony in 2017, Trump announced that he would run for the presidency again in 2020.
  • As with his first candidacy, Trump ran for election in 2020 with his Vice President Mike Pence.

Trump politics

  • Since the 1980s, Trump regularly publicly reflected on the President’s offer, but these moments have largely been dismissed as a publicity stunt in the press.
  • In 1999 he changed his voter registration from the Republican Party to the Reform Party and set up a presidential exploratory committee.
  • Although he ultimately refused to run for office in 2000, he published a book, The America We Merve.
  • In this book, he set out his socially liberal and economically conservative political views.
  • Trump later rejoined the Republican Party and remained well known to the public during the 2012 presidential election.
  • Although he was not running for office at the time, he received a lot of attention repeatedly and falsely claimed to be the Democratic President.

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Review Donald Trump – Stages and events of life, Trump politics.

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