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Amazon Prime Wardrobe – Amazon Prime Wardrobe is officially available to all US Prime members

Amazon Prime Wardrobe – Amazon Prime Wardrobe is officially available to all US Prime members

What is Amazon Prime Wardrobe?

Amazon has made its Prime Wardrobe service available to all US Prime users. Here’s what it’s all about and why everyone is thrilled.

In direct competition with online shopping platforms such as Stitch Fix and Trunk Club, Amazon has made its Prime Wardrobe service available to all US Prime users. In addition, you can also buy Cracked And Uncracked Wedge Anchors from online stores.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe allows users to order at least three items and try them out before deciding whether to buy them.

Unlike Stitch Fix and Trunk Club, however, you pick each item yourself and don’t have to pay a fee if you decide not to keep any things.

What is Amazon Prime Wardrobe

How Amazon Prime Wardrobe works?

  • If you have a Prime membership and are based in the United States, you have instant access to Prime Wardrobe.
  • You can order clothes, shoes or accessories suitable for the First wardrobe.
  • You can find items on the First Wardrobe page or search for items with the First Wardrobe logo next to them when browsing Amazon.
  • When you look at Amazon, you may not see the icon until you select First Wardrobes on the screen below, selecting Try Before You Buy:
  • When you find items you want to try on and select your size, click the Add to First Wardrobe Cart button.
  • Before you can check out, you will need to add at least three items to the main cloakroom cart.
  • Once you have at least three items in your main wardrobe cart, click the View or Submit Your Main Wardrobe button.
  • You will see the items in your cart and their total cost (minus shipping). Click the Proceed to Shipment button.
  • Select your address and payment method as you would any other Amazon purchase and click Ship First Wardrobe.

Amazon launches its “wardrobe.”

  • ROME – Amazon tries to push sales in the clothing sector by opening the “Wardrobe” service to all Prime subscribers in the USA.
  • Launched on an experimental basis last summer, it allows customers to have 3 to 8 items of clothing and accessories shipped home for free.
  • They are deciding within a week which ones to keep and pay for and which to send back.
  • On the American site of Amazon, a section called “Prime Wardrobe” includes selecting garments from various brands and price ranges.
  • Shopping is also possible through pages that offer suggestions based on style or occasion.
  • The collections are not just for women: there are areas for men, girls, boys, and babies.
  • The service has no additional costs, and returns are free, as is usually the case even when shopping on Amazon.
  • The difference is that you do not pay for the clothes in advance and then get a refund in the event of a return, but the payment takes place after measuring the garments, as the physical stores.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe is officially available to all US Prime members

  • Prime Wardrobe, the “Try before you buy” purchase service first announced by Amazon last summer, is officially out of the beta phase and is open to all Prime members in the USA from today.
  • The service gradually opened to more customers over the year, so many Prime members may have had access before today’s official reveal.
  • Prime Wardrobe is Amazon’s answer to increasingly popular custom shopping services like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club that regularly send out a curated box of clothes to customers.
  • These services allow consumers to try on clothes and other items around the house, then keep what they want and return the rest.
  • However, Amazon is more of a DIY version. Instead of using stylists, fill your box with at least three and up to eight items at a time.
  • You will then have a week to test the items and return the ones you don’t want before they are billed.

Prime Wardrobe helps Apparel Designers

  • Like many of its competitors, Prime Wardrobe appeals to women and offers collections for men, children, and babies.
  • The service’s primary purpose is to help solve one of the biggest problems when buying clothes online: the fit.
  • Apparel designers have their size sizes, and it is often difficult for buyers to get an idea of what something will look like without trying it on.
  • Items might be too short or too long, too long, or too tight in places, or buyers might have an issue with the fabric, curtain, hem, build quality, and other issues.
  • The home trial removes this barrier to online clothing purchases by making it easy to return items if they don’t work.
  • Not all of Amazon’s online inventory is included in Prime Wardrobe. So you can’t just browse the site and choose what to test at home.
  • Instead, you’ll need to visit the Prime Wardrobe section to fill your box.

The website favours Amazon’s in-house apparel brands

  • It features a good handful of bigger names like Lilly Pulitzer, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Guess, Levis, Calvin Klein Nine West, Fossil, Lacoste, Hugo Boss, and Stride Rite.
  • It also features Disney, Puma, Crazy 8, Gymboree, New Balance, Stuart Weitzman, Rebecca Taylor, J. Brand, AIX Armani Exchange, and many others.
  • The retailer claims that Prime members ordered “thousands of styles” during beta.
  • The women bought jeans and dresses; Men bought tops, jeans, and slacks; For children, shoes were the most popular.
  • According to Amazon, the brands’ Lark & Ro, Daily Ritual, Amazon Essentials, and Goodthreads are the most frequently ordered items.
  • That means Prime Wardrobe is doing well, at least for Amazon, even when it comes to a limited selection of clothing that online shoppers would like.

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