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Amazon Prime – Sharing Amazon Prime Benefits, Amazon Cuts Down on Prime Members

Amazon Prime – Sharing Amazon Prime Benefits, Amazon Cuts Down on Prime Members

How to share Amazon Prime?

If you have Amazon Prime, you might be friends and family members asking if they can use your Amazon Prime account to purchase items with free 2-day shipping.

Whether you think password sharing is ethical or not, you cannot deny that it is risky, and you may be reluctant to share such unrestricted access.

As a member of it, there is one benefit you might be missing out.

With Amazon Household, you can share some of the benefits of it with other family members with Amazon accounts.

Keep reading to find out how you can share it with your family using the official method, legal and easy to set up.

Limitations on Sharing Amazon Prime Benefits

  • You can’t stream Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited through the household.
  • You cannot share benefits with child profiles. Prime Student accounts and Amazon Prime free trial accounts cannot be adults in a household.
  • They cannot share their benefits.

Sharing Amazon Prime Benefits

For Family, Not Friends

  • When two adults link their Amazon accounts in a household, each account’s payment methods become visible and available to both versions.
  • Whoever linked the accounts will be able to see your credit cards and other payment details.
  • Therefore, we recommend that you share it with only family members and, even then, only family members you fully trust.
  • However, this is a much better option than giving someone full access to your account by providing your password.
  • Free sample or paid members can share some benefits with another adult by starting an Amazon family.
  • To start building your home on Amazon, go to the Content & Device Management section. On the Settings tab, select Invite an adult to Family and Family Library.

Amazon Cuts Down on Prime Members Allocation their Assistances

  • Amazon quietly unveiled several changes to its Amazon Household program and allowed Prime members to share their shipping benefits.
  • The changes appear to be intended to limit customers’ ability to share subscriptions with those who aren’t their close relatives.
  • Previously, Amazon allowed anyone with an Amazon Prime membership to share the benefits of shipping and others with four other “home” members.
  • But with a change to its policy in late July, Amazon now only allows one Prime member to share their Prime benefits with another adult.
  • Additionally, anyone using the account has access to other people’s credit cards to make purchases.
  • It isn’t a problem for spouses or significant others who live together and share their finances.
  • Still, it does hinder sharing your Prime benefits with extended family members or friends or roommates, for example.

Sharing Amazon Prime Benefits

Prime Live Video Streaming

  • With a rules update, two adults can now share their Prime benefits, including free two-day shipping.
  • The Prime live video streaming, access to the Kindle holder’s credit library, Prime Early Access, and Prime-exclusive offers
  • In addition to two adults, each family can have up to four “child” profiles, making it easier for family members to share Kindle books across all devices.
  • Meanwhile, Amazon explains that Amazon Student Prime members and other Prime members’ guests cannot share their assistance.
  • But Prime members with Amazon Mommy can share their 20% diaper and 15% baby registration concessions.
  • Two adults will also need to consent to each other to use credit and debit cards associated with their Amazon accounts.
  • They can both set up a shared family library of books, apps, and games.
  • Manage parental controls in Amazon Free Time for children linked to the account.

“Amazon family” is not new

  • Last September, the company introduced the “Family Library” so that family members can share their content purchases. And in the past, families could share their delivery benefits.
  • “Amazon Household” program is gobbling up another option of sharing Prime shipping benefits that allow to any Prime member.
  • To share access to Amazon’s free two-day shipping with others, as long as they knew their address, E-mail, and date of birth.
  • These requirements were only meant to be shared by the family, but many found that asking a friend for their birthday was easy enough.
  • Or, to put it simply, Amazon Household has replaced Prime Sharing for anyone who hasn’t configured this option yet.
  • Before the change, how it sharing worked.
  • “Free or paid, members can share shipping benefits with up to four additional family members who share the same family.
  • If you purchase a Prime Small Business membership, you can invite up to four employees to shop with this business account. “.

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