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Axis Security – Axis Security Raises $ 32 Million To Help Businesses Stay Safe When Working From Home

Axis Security – Axis Security Raises $ 32 Million To Help Businesses Stay Safe When Working From Home

Axis Security

Axis Security easily and securely connects users anywhere on any device to any application using a simple, centrally managed service.

The Application Access Cloud is the ideal solution to replace many disparate and complex security access technologies such as VPNs, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

And also, Inline Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) services uses a single Zero Trust cloud platform.

However, with Axis, users never touch the network or application, and every request is valid.

However, authenticated and based on that person’s policy settings, representing the future of corporate access.

Headquartered in San Mateo, California, this privately held research and development firm in Tel Aviv, Israel, is backed by Canaan Partners, Ten Eleven Ventures, and Cyber starts.

Axis Application Access Cloud

  • Axis Application Access Cloud offers continuous, adaptive security control to access sensitive business applications and resources.
  • However, it provides zero-trust security with a Secure Edge Access (SASE) solution.
  • Application isolation technology protects users from the corporate network, and applications are isolated from both the internal and internet levels.
  • And also, significantly reduces the attack surface and virtually eliminating the risk of horizontal attacks.
  • As a SaaS solution, it is resiliently scalable to demand and integrates with existing security systems to provide granular, adaptive policies and automated management.
  • As a SaaS solution, Document management is the categorizing, organizing, sharing, and storing of business information.
  • Also, by continuously monitoring every user and every request, Axis provides insight into user behaviour and activities not available in traditional access solutions.
  • The cloud’s simplicity of application access makes it ideal for replacing multiple disparate and complex secure access technologies such as VPN, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), and Integrated Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) services using a single Zero Trust cloud platform.

Axis Application Access Cloud

Strategic investments

  • Axis launched in March 2020 with a $ 17 million grant. The initial investment came from Cyber starts Gili Raanan, with Alex Doll of Ten Eleven Ventures leading the Series A.
  • Other investors include Dan Amiga, founder of Fireglass, and board member Michael Fey, former president of Symantec and Blue Coat.
  • By September, Axis had received an additional $ 32 million in Series B funding led by Canaan Partners.
  • As part of the funding round, Joydeep Bhattacharya, General Partner of Canaan Partners, has joined the Axis Security Board of Directors.
  • Axis is leveraging the funds to accelerate growth and meet market demand primarily driven by COVID-19.
  • The relocation of work from anywhere (WFA) worldwide.
  • However, the company doubled its workforce in 2021 and plans to double its workforce again in 2021.

Axis Security Raises $ 32 Million To Help Businesses Stay Safe When Working From Home

  • Axis Security launched last year to help customers provide contractors and third parties with secure remote access to corporate systems.
  • But when the pandemic hit, they saw another use case that was on their roadmap: systems. They are safe when employees work from home.
  • Today, the company announced a $ 32 million Series B investment led by Canaan Partners with existing investors Ten Eleven Ventures and Cyber starts.
  • According to Axis, the total raised in today’s round was $ 49 million.
  • Gil Azrielant, co-founder and CTO, says the company could jump to the home security scenario quickly.
  • It built a product from the ground up to support that vision.
  • The pandemic has only accelerated this approach.
  • “We initially decided to focus on third parties and contractors, but we saw where the drive was going and definitely [designed] the infrastructure to be a complete product with secure access.
  • So the infrastructure was there, and we just needed to add some things that were for later,” Azrielant told TechCrunch.
  • It states that the company’s product uses the concept of zero trusts, which implies that you cannot trust anyone on your system.
  • Using a rule-based mechanism, clients can create a secure environment based on their role.
  • “What you see, or what you can do, or what you can download or receive, is entirely controlled by our cloud of access to applications.

Axis Security sets the standard for the zero-trust network access market

  • Axis Security, a leading provider of zero-trust network access, enables leading business organizations to move beyond traditional access technologies.
  • It is more flexible based on a secure zero-trust platform for employees, contractors, and supply chain partners of third parties.
  • “Secure remote access has been a major concern for corporate IT teams for a long time.
  • Since COVID, it has become an urgent priority,” said Dor Knafo, co-founder and CEO of Axis Securities.
  • “Traditional solutions like VPNs are difficult to maintain, don’t provide a good user experience, and are too lax for a zero-trust approach.
  • Our no-agent approach offers customers a fast path to secure remote access with zero trust architecture and
  • We started covering private applications, and over the year, we expanded to cover all types of users, devices, and applications for organizations of all sizes. “
  • “Axis Security was straightforward to implement and provided much-needed secure access to business systems.
  • The solution itself is robust, scalable, and reliable.
  • Because it requires an accurate zero-trust approach to access provisioning, we could get the business up and running quickly.
  • During a sudden request to work from home in a very secure way, “says a five-star Gartner Peer.
  • Insights review of the vice president of global information security for services.

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