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B2B Marketing Write For Us – B2B marketing (short for business-to-business marketing) is a type of marketing that a company employs to target other businesses rather than consumers. Basically, the procedure of selling a product or service to a business, whether a startup, small business, or enterprise company, is called B2B sales.

That is to say, companies may focus solely on B2B marketing if they offer a product or service. However, they think will only be attractive to other businesses, like cloud-based software or printing services. And also, they may employ B2B and B2C marketing (business-to-consumer marketing) to advertise their product or service to both businesses and individual consumers. Moreover, companies that only sell products to other companies in the B2B market are often called B2B businesses.

The Top Objectives of B2B Marketing include:

Increase lead volume

Convert leads into customers

Improve brand awareness

Establish thought leadership

Drive website traffic

For B2B marketing, the Best Tools include those for:

Marketing automation

Gathering market intelligence

Social media management

Video conferencing/remote communication/meetings

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Email marketing


Event marketing (optional)

The Best Automated B2B marketing Tools today are:

Finteza (web analytics)

HubSpot (sales automation)

Unbounce (landing page builder)

GetResponse (email marketing)

Ahrefs (SEO)

BuzzSumo (Social listening)

Zoom (video meetings)

Sprout Social (social media management)

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