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Beaches in Florida – Florida’s most beautiful beaches, Vacation on the beaches
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Beaches in Florida – Florida’s most beautiful beaches, Vacation on the beaches

Beaches in Florida

Beaches in Florida attracts 1,930 km of sandy beaches, which offers the holidaymaker countless swimming and water sports opportunities.

Florida is also known as the Sunshine State. A beach vacation in Florida can be an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Besides lounging on the beach, vacationers can also enjoy several leisure activities – in Florida alone, and there are over 1,250 golf courses on which Florida travelers can improve their handicap.

The Sunshine State has 19 civil airports – 5 of which are international – making getting to the beach paradise easy.

Whether on the beach in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or exclusive Naples and Palm Beach: Florida’s beaches are never overcrowded!

So it is ideal for relaxing with the family, for long walks on the beach or for passing the time with beach toys.

Even if the temperatures in winter are enjoyable and the sun does not burn from the sky, vacationers should use a high sun protection level during this season to protect themselves against sunburn.

Although there are official seasons in Florida, the US state is suitable for a beach vacation all year round.

Even in winter, the average temperature is still around 18 ° C – perfect for relaxing on Florida’s beaches and enjoying the icy temperatures to escape in Germany.

Beaches in Florida

Most beautiful beaches in Florida

  • Who of you is planning a trip across the pond to the USA soon? Or better, which of your flies to the Sunshine State, Florida?
  • The sun-drenched state is ideal for a beach holiday with plenty of suns all year round because it rarely rains here.
  • It gets boiling here in the summer months, which is why I recommend you travel between October and May. The prices are also a bit more affordable in the off-season.
  • But what am I talking about here? After all, you’ve already decided on a Florida vacation.
  • And now you are looking for inspiration and want to check out where the most beautiful beaches in Florida are? Then you are exactly right here. Here we go!

Crescent Beach – The finest sandy beach in the world

  • Crescent Beach in Siesta Key is one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. It was not for nothing that it was named the beach with the finest sand in the world as part of the “World Sand Challenge” study.
  • It consists of 99% quartz and is therefore incredibly fine and soft. But not only that.
  • The whole setting is gorgeous with the turquoise-green water, the sparkling white sand, and the many great gardens in the area.

Crescent Beach - The finest sandy beach in the world

Lummus Park Beach – The most relaxed beach

  • The Lummus Park Beach is perhaps not the most beautiful in Florida, but the coolest! And that’s why it should be mentioned.
  • Even if the sand is not so wonderfully nuanced, the water is not crystal clear and much less space and quiet: you have to stop by if you want to experience the real Florida feeling.
  • The beach is right on the legendary Ocean Drive, and everyone who wants to see and be seen hangs around here.
  • Surfing, flirting, and playing volleyball – these are the main occupations here. A tip for all of you Instagrammers:
  • It is also where the famous pastel-colored Baywatch turrets are located. You can take a picture of it in your timeline!

Bahia Honda Beach – The pelican Beach in Florida

  • Welcome to the Florida Keys! Every Florida trip should take you here sooner or later anyway. And while you’re there, be definite to visit Bahia Honda Beach.
  • At first, a glance will feel like you are at your home in the Baltic Sea because there are, for once, a few seagrass meadows, the leaves of which are occasionally washed up on the beach.
  • Nevertheless, the water shimmers light blue and turquoise and invites you to dream.
  • But the coolest thing is the many pelicans who like to hunt fish here and put on impressive shows on their dive flights.

Caladesi Island – Beach in Florida

  • The beach at Caladesi Iceland also belongs to me to the most beautiful beaches in Florida.
  • I’ll tell you why: Cars not allowed on the island, and tourists cannot stay there for more than 4 hours.
  • It is accordingly a natural and clean beach, and you first have to get on the ferry from Dunedin and sail across the water for about 20 minutes.
  • When you arrive at the harbor, follow the long wooden walkways that lead you through the dunes to the island’s west side.
  • A 3-mile long beach awaits you there, which named the best beach in Florida in 2006 for a reason. Just let the view work on you.

Your vacation on the most beautiful beaches in Florida

  • Of course, there are many other great beaches in Florida. I made a colorful and varied selection to taste something for every taste.
  • I think my personal favorite is Crescent Beach because it has the finest sand in the world.
  • What about you? What is particularly important to you on a beach? And which is one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida for you?
  • And if you are now in the mood for a Florida vacation, it is best to take a look at my travel search engine and look for a great offer.
  • But you can also browse through our current Florida deals.

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