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UPS Store – Small Business Solution, Delivery services according to your schedule

UPS Store – Small Business Solution, Delivery services according to your schedule

UPS Store

UPS Store is the hub of valuable resources for small businesses. It is a One-Stop-Shop.

The range of products and services includes professional printing, packaging and shipping, mailing services, and more.

The UPS Store locations are individually kept and operated by licensed franchisees of Mail Boxes Etc., Inc., an indirect subsidiary of United Parcel Service, Inc.

Most locations of The UPS Store offer a full range of business and communications services, including, but not limited to:

  1. UPS shipping services
  2. Packing services
  3. Office/packing supplies
  4. Mailbox services
  5. Copying (B/W and Color)
  6. Faxing (send/receive)
  7. Document finishing services (laminating, collating, binding)

Select the Locations tab, or call UPS for The UPS Store location nearest you.

About UPS Store

  • UPS, the world’s largest parcel delivery company, began over a century ago with a $ 100 loan to build a short messaging service.
  • How we have grown into a global multi-billion-dollar company reflects the history of modern transportation, international trade, logistics, and financial services.
  • Basically, UPS is a customer today; first, people are driven by innovation. It employs over 495,000 people from over 220 countries and territories.
  • However, UPS will lead the industry and unite the world with a commitment to service excellence and environmental sustainability.

Power of the brand unlocks franchise opportunities for you

UPS Store offers franchise opportunities supported by an internationally recognized brand recognized by countless commercial and media organizations.

Testimonials from over 2,000 owners and executives of small and medium-sized businesses on behalf of The Business Journals described the UPS Store as:

  1. Industry leader
  2. Foresight
  3. Easy to do business with
  4. Behaves ethically.
  5. Reasonable price for what you get
  6. Growing popularity

Backed by 40 years of franchise experience, UPS Store continues to be the leader among the most profitable franchise opportunities to date, with many awards and accolades.

However, UPS Store awards like these testify our brand’s strength and our proven business model’s growing performance year after year.

Three decades of service

  • Serving small businesses for 40 years, UPS Store, Inc. is the world’s largest franchisor for retail, mail, print, and delivery service centers.
  • And also, It includes more than 4,800 independent locations in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada.
  • It offers cost-effective, value-added commercial services to the small and home office (SOHO) market, corporateroad users, and consumers.

Delivery services according to your schedule

  • We have our packaging and shipping specialists and a wide range of services to suit your speed and budget requirements.
  • Whether on land or at night, we will help you deliver your goods on time in the city or abroad.
  • And also, if you’re shipping something oversized, fragile, or even perishable, we can handle it.
  • However, UPS Store personnel are professionally trained in packaging your item, regardless of size, shape, or weight.

UPS Store, a Small Business Solutions

  • Basically, Small business owners are busy; there are no two ways. But we can help you with these long to-do lists.
  • The products and services are designed to support our customers while balancing their business needs with budget and time constraints.
  • Be sure to follow the Small Business Blog for tips, advice, and resources to help you run and grow your business.

UPS Store, a Small Business Solutions

Notary Services. Fax. Shredding

  • UPS Store offices offer notary services to make life easier. After your documents are certified, the center will help you make the necessary copies and send them wherever they need to.
  • However, Facsimile services help make our store your mobile office. We can send and receive your faxes.
  • And also, with our shredding services, you can quickly get rid of essential documents with our secure service.

Digital printing. Color copies. Finishing documents

  • Add sparkle to your printed materials: It offers a range of services and products for your professional and personal needs.
  • And also, they can help with brochures, business cards, banners, presentations, invitations, menus, and other paperwork services.
  • And when you need paper and stationery, we can too.
  • Get more convenience with the UPS Store. You can easily download, customize, view, and submit your designs wherever you are and then go in and pick them up.
  • We can send them directly to you.

Mailboxes and delivery notifications

  • It’s not just envelopes that are stored in our mailboxes. The UPS Store tells you the actual address, not the P.O. A box.
  • And we’ll call you, email you, or text you when the letters or packages arrive.
  • We hold all your shipments, even large packages until it is convenient for you to pick them up. And if you essential forwarding services, we can send your mail wherever you are.

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Review UPS Store – Small Business Solution, Delivery services according to your schedule.

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