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Bookmarks – Functions, Uses, How to recover the favorites folder?

Bookmarks – Functions, Uses, How to recover the favorites folder?

What are bookmarks?

Bookmarks are bookmarks that you save in your browser. With just a few clicks, the currently open page is added to your favorites list, where you can quickly and easily call it up again.

If you have forgotten the Internet address or want to save yourself a few clicks, an electronic bookmark is very helpful. It’s even faster with ctrl and the D key.

It opens a window, and you can then save the bookmark. If you have several tabs open, the key combination of Shift, Ctrl, and the D key will help you to keep them all at once.

Have you ever surfed the Internet, discovered an exciting site, and then failed to find it again with a wrong click?

Or are you just tired of typing the same links on Google or in your address bar every day? Then bookmarks are just right for you. But SEO fans should also know this term and its history.

Bookmarks in Chrome

  • If you want to save your favorite links right in Google Chrome, it’s elementary.
  • You call up the corresponding page and then click on the star located in the top right next to the browser’s address line. If the lead turns blue, then it worked.
  • Maybe you want to sort your saved internet pages by topic now? This is advisable to keep an overview.
  • Then you should assign one or more keywords for each link, each separated by a comma.
  • The assigned Knowledge management system and processes help your teammates and clients have more information at hand.
  • If you are browsing the Internet to find your next vacation destination, a suitable catchphrase could be “vacation” or, more precisely, “Sardinia” for the specific vacation destination.
  • To find the bookmark again, click on the symbol with three dots on your browser’s top right. You can find all your bookmarks there.
  • Use the bookmark manager to call up the menu item “Edit bookmarks” and make changes.
  • You also set the links to be continuously displayed in the sidebar or the most frequently used links pinned to the toolbar’s top.
  • However, you can turn these utilities on or off using the bookmark tools.

Function in Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go to the website of your choice
  3. Click on the star at the top right
  4. If the star is blue, the Internet address has been saved as a bookmark
  5. The three-dot menu in the browser takes you to the bookmarks menu

If the browser version’s functionality is not extensive enough for you: Google, of course, also offers a social bookmark service.

And also, this service is called Google Bookmarks and can be used free of charge. If you previously have a Google account, then you can use it with just a few clicks.

How are they used?

  • Bookmarks can be used in any standard browser or via special services. At this point, we explain how you can save your bookmarks in your browser.
  • According to a StatCounter study, Chrome, with a market share of over 50 percent, is currently the most extensively used browser, followed by Safari and third place Firefox.

How to share bookmarks?

  • Open Chrome’s standard bookmark manager, open the specific folder or subfolder whose content you want to share, then in the right pane, copy the webpage icons.
  • Then paste it into an email (this action will produce a list of URLs, not icons) and will send.

Bookmarks in Firefox

  1. Open the Firefox browser
  2. Open the page you want to save to favorites
  3. Click the star in the top right corner of the browser
  4. If necessary, assign a keyword and set the link to a category
  5. Saving is faster with the key combination Ctrl and the D key

Bookmarks in Firefox

How to save bookmarks?

  • Firstly, click Bookmarks and then click View all bookmarks at the bottom. Import and save and select the Save item.
  • Then, in the File name for the saving window that appears, choose a location to save the file named bookmarks- “data.”

How to recover the favorites folder?

  • If you haven’t connected your Google account, the only way to retrieve your Chrome bookmarks is to access the path where they are saved.
  • However, the favorite of Chrome, you can find them in a file in the following location: “C: \ Users \ \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default \.”

What are browser bookmarks?

  • What are ” favorites “? The bookmarks (or “sites Favorites “) are like bookmarks that you can use in your browser to mark web sites and pages for various reasons.
  • Why the address of the page in the browser (URL) is too long to be rewritten every time.

Remove the bookmarks bar from Chrome

  • Use the Chrome browser; you can hide the bookmarks bar by merely clicking on the icon with the three dots located at the top right and selecting the items Favorites.
  • Show Favorites bar from the menu that opens.

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