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Booksy – The first mobile app for booking by appointment, raised $ 4.2 million


Booksy for clients is a free booking system for people who wish to make an appointment for medical and cosmetic services.

Customers can download the app (available for Android and iOS) or visit the marketplace to find local services.

Get Booking Peace of Mind when you start booking with Booksy today

  • Booksy: Make an appointment with a beautician 24/7.
  • When finding time for beauty and wellness is already tricky, you shouldn’t make appointments for these things.
  • Book on the bus, book at work, book when you can’t sleep in the middle of the night.
  • Booksy is ready to make an appointment at any time. Book a hairdresser, hairstyle, nails, massages, and much more!
  • Access to calendars, services, prices, reviews, and photos with the ability to book as you wish.

Here are some things you’ll get with your free Booksy account

Online booking 24/7:

  • Book in real-time whenever you want. No calls waiting, no answering machine.

High quality, by your side:

  • Find the right professional for you and by your side.

Meetings on your terms:

  • Reschedule or cancel the appointment without calling.

Savings Opportunity:

  • Book with companies that offer happy hour discounts, instant sales, and last-minute discounts.

Uncomplicated rebooking:

  • Preferred previous service providers, making it easier to search and book.

Receive notifications:

  • Meeting reminders and updates are sent directly to your phone.

Verified Reviews Only:

  • Booksy takes reviews seriously and only allows customers to leave reviews about a company if they have provided the service there.

Mobile payments:

  • Pay directly in the app to simplify the payment process.
  • Get booking peace of mind by starting your Booksy booking today!

Booksy, the first mobile app for booking by appointment, raised $ 4.2 million

  • Booksy, an app that allows companies by appointments such as hairdressers and beauty salons to take online orders.
  • It manages other aspects of its business, has closed a $ 4.2 million Series A loan.
  • OpenOcean spearheaded the round with the Australian developer and early-stage investor Investible, Polish Nomad Fund, Kai Hansen (formerly Lieferando), Apostolos Apostolakis, and Rafal Plutecki (head of Google Campus, Poland).
  • Booksy will use the new capital to invest in additional features such as “in-app payment capability.
  • It allows more prominent merchants to manage staff with software and develop better recording schemes.
  • Booksy is a software-as-a-service for business-to-business businesses.
  • It allows them to manage their customer-centric programs, including accepting and accepting orders through the Booksy mobile app.
  • The idea, for example, is for a hairdresser to wake up clients who make reservations over the phone or in-person and instead direct them to the Booksy app or website.
  • The advantage is a more convenient booking process for both customers and business owners and more engagement.

Booksy co-fouder and CEO

  • Booksy co-founder and CEO Stefan Batory told me that using the app showed increased customer loyalty and increased booking frequency.
  • Part of the reason is simple: With Booksy, companies can take orders outside of business hours for the first time.
  • “Most of the labor with their hands, so they cannot answer phone calls when they have clients and don’t want to answer when they are not working,” says Batory.
  • “On the other hand, clients want to make an appointment 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week (up to 60% of schedules are fixed after hours).
  • We help both parties get rid of the hassle of this process and book when it’s convenient for customers while making life easier for companies.
  • In addition to scheduling, Booksy offers businesses several other features designed to support and improve their processes.
  • CRM, marketing automation, inventory management, point of sale, reporting, employee commission management, and (coming soon) in-app. Payments.
  • However, unlike its competitors, Booksy is not a marketplace and therefore does not pay for bookings.
  • Instead, its SaaS model requires a simple monthly subscription with multiple tiers depending on the size of the company.
  • “We have local competitors in every market,” Batory explains.
  • These include StyleSeat in the US, Treatwell in the UK, Vaniday in Brazil, and LadyTime in Poland. “These are all markets, and they charge for meetings.
  • It prevents companies from pushing their customers to these platforms.
  • However, they are happy to do it with Booksy because they know we won’t be sending their clients elsewhere to monetize this.
  • Booksy’s other co-founder, along with Bathory, is Konrad Howard.
  • I was expressed that these two had previously founded and integrated iTaxi into Poland’s number one taxi app.
  • Batory once listed his first software company, Eo Networks, on the Polish Stock Exchange.

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