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Botox Brow Lift Gone Wrong – Side Effects Of Botox

Botox Brow Lift Gone Wrong – Side Effects Of Botox

Botox Brow Lift Gone Wrong – Chicago lifestyle blogger Whitney Buha has been applying botulinum toxin or Botox to her face for three years and has always been happy with the results…until now. In a couple of Instagram stories in early March, she revealed that her left eyebrow was lower than her right after her most recent Botox injections.

This drop is therapeutically known as ptosis. So she went back to her injector for extra four units of Botox to “lift her up and even her out,” but the result was not what she expected. “Whatever he did, relax this muscle. So now my eyelid is drooping,” Buha said, pointing to his upper eyelid, adding that he thought the injector gave him too much Botox or incorrectly injected it.

Buha has been urgently searching for a solution for the past two weeks, noting that Botox can’t dissolve the way other fillers do. He also shared regular photographic images to monitor the fall day by day, showing a good sense of humor about the ordeal. And it’s not just his left eye that’s been affected. “My right eye is too big,” she said on her Instagram, “You shouldn’t be able to see the white over my iris.”

Buha consulted with doctors and explained that his right eye changed due to his left eye overcompensating. “Because the left eye is closed, it’s affecting my vision,” she said, adding that he hoped that when her left eyelid started to open wider, his right eye would “level out.”

Side Effects Like Buha’s Are Rare And Temporary

Plastic surgeon Adam Kolker told Allure in 2019 that side effects like Buha’s are infrequent and temporary. According to the outlet, drooping eyelids or brows only occur in 1-5% of cases. Other possible Botox side effects can include headaches and minor bruising at the injection site. In a statement to the media, Buha said she decided to share her story to help educate others receiving Botox. “After some consideration, I decided to share my story because I realized that few people knew that eyelid ptosis could be a side effect of botox, including myself, before all this.

The minute I mentioned my ‘botox gone wrong,’ I got several messages asking what I meant and many saying they didn’t know botox could go wrong .” “I felt like it was an opportunity to educate others and show them what these potential side effects are like,” he continued. “After I started opening up, I got so many messages from people who had been through something similar or had no idea this could happen. It’s been a wild ride, but I’ve been able to connect with hundreds of people.

Botox Fails Before And After

After a bad experience with Botox at a medical spa, a Chicago blogger received praise online for publicly sharing images of his eyelids.

Taking to her Instagram account, Whitney Buha released a video gallery of her eye before and after the injection.

Read the headline of the clip “How it all started against my bad Botox after it happened,” which has gone viral on social media. According to The Independent, Buha gets regular Botox injections around her eyes twice a year. It is noticing that her left eye is droopy after a recent date.

In a series of stories and Instagram highlights, Buha said that he was not aware of the possibility of something like this and that it could happen to anyone. “This is my face. I’m not trying to do this. But, look how wide this eye is,” she says in one of several posts showing the difference between her two eyes.

In another video, Buha explains that the Botox injection was misused, thus lowering the eye. Since the injection, the condition of Buha’s eyes has worsened, and it has made her anxious.

Although the blogger was told that nothing could be done to undo this process, he was given several tips to speed up recovery.

“I was advised to speed up the recovery of my eyelid due to Botox loss. Check out my highlights to see what’s going on! * I am not a medical expert. However, all of these are recommended by professionals * », she wrote while sharing the clip.

Many of Buha’s videos went viral on social media, sparking a debate about the use of Botox injections. However, many also praised the social media influencer for being vocal and transparent about the incident.

Botox Brow Lift Gone Wrong

Botox – Side Effects Of Botox

Botox is a  treatment with botulinum toxin type A for aesthetic purposes that has become very popular in recent years.

It is an effective treatment to treat dynamic or expression wrinkles on the face. It is particularly present in the upper third of the face to avoid wrinkles in the Front, Frown, Crow’s feet, and Periocular area.

However, it is also used for non-aesthetic purposes to treat hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating in the armpits, palms of the hands, and feet, and the correction of blepharospasm, among others. It is a suitable treatment for both women and men.

Although many patients do not know it, Botox is not the only appropriate treatment for those who have marked wrinkles after many years with significant facial expressions. On the contrary, it is even more effective if used as a preventive treatment from earlier ages. It is approximately from 30-to 35 years old, even if there are not many marked wrinkles yet.

Faced with the expectation of repeated treatments (usually two times a year) with the toxin, some patients wonder about the side effects of Botox, both short and long-term. Also, about the precautions, they should take after the application of the toxin. Toxin. If that is your case, keep reading because we will tell you about it in this post.

Effects of Botox

The effect caused by Botox is the temporary paralysis of the muscles in which it infiltrates. The toxin blocks the neuromuscular junction so that nerve impulses cannot produce contraction and thus movement of the muscle. This means that the patient has a little gesture of the face, and therefore forms fewer dynamic wrinkles. However, the paralysis does not have to be complete so that you achieve a smooth movement without a mask effect or an expressionless face.

The effects of Botox are transient, with a return to normal mobility in approximately six months, making it completely reversible.

Botox Adverse Side Effects

In addition to the desired effects, Botox can produce unwanted or adverse effects, like most medications. However, these effects are generally infrequent and depend on the area of ​​infiltration. Most occur in the first hours or days after treatment, although some may appear in the long term.

We will focus on the side effects of treating wrinkles on the face (on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet).

Swelling And Hematoma

Minor bruises may occur at the puncture sites, which disappear spontaneously in 2-5 days. Therefore, it is not recommended to massage them.

Eyelid Ptosis

One of the most known and feared side effects of Botox is ptosis or drooping of the eyelid. It occurs because the toxin that infiltrates the forehead. And also, between the eyebrows spreads to the upper eyelid and paralyzes the muscle that raises it, causing it to fall. It can be rectified or treated with eye drops and is completely reversible.

Allergic Reactions

Like any medication, Botox can cause allergic-type reactions, which can be mild and cause only inflammation, redness, and swelling, or more severe. It is also present with symptoms such as shortness of breath and significant edema.

Asymmetry In The Face

If you do not apply the toxin correctly and in the proper doses on both sides of the face, asymmetries can occur. It will be with unevenness in the height of the eyebrows, deformities, and disharmonious movements.

Other Minor Effects

Some people have mild side effects such as redness and pain at puncture sites, headaches, and flu-like symptoms.

The vast majority of these effects appear in the first 24-48 hours of infiltration. And also the most common is that they are short-term effects, which disappear in the first few days. They include inflammation, bruising, headache, or flu-like symptoms. The eyelid’s ptosis or drooping  Other products, such as facial asymmetries, must be corrected with a “retouch”. The additional new infiltration of the toxin will last up to 6 months for the venom to lose its action.

It is essential to know that the most severe adverse effects of Botox are due, in many cases, to inadequate infiltration. The toxin spreads to muscles where it should not act. Therefore, a specialist doctor must carry out the treatment with adequate training. Therefore, make sure you perform this treatment in an authorized clinic with qualified specialists.

Why Does Botox Make People Look Fake?

There are three common examples of Botox going wrong:

Completely Frozen Face.

We have all seen that expressionless person who wouldn’t blink if a gun were pointed at his face. You know. Because she can’t, I believe in a natural result, and I think your face should move at least a little after the Botox injections. Okay, I have patients who like a more dramatic impact. And I am happy to adapt my treatment to your preferences. But the result of my treatment is very natural.

The Spock Eyebrow After Botox

When Botox is injected only in the center of the forehead, the lateral forehead can be raised too high. It makes it look creepy like everyone’s favorite Vulcan. Fortunately, this is entirely correctable; injecting some Botox on the side of the forehead will solve the problem.

The Eyelid Droop

Dropping of the upper eyelid can occur when Botox spreads into the muscles that lift the upper eyelid. Fortunately, this is very rare; I’ve never seen it happen. The dropping of the eyelids disappears in a couple of months when the Botox wears off. And in the meantime, the eye drops can improve it.

As you know what causes Botox to go wrong, how do you prevent it? If you want a good outcome, go to a good doctor. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists have superior training in cosmetic and facial anatomy, making them experts in Botox injection and facial fillers.


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