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Cloud Communications: What Is It and How It Can Help Improve Customer Experience

Cloud Communications: What Is It and How It Can Help Improve Customer Experience

Cloud Communications – You’re already a member of the cloud computing community if you utilise services like Gmail, Google Drive, Netflix, and Prime Video. Given that every one of these services is based on the cloud.

Using cloud communication, companies can establish a point of contact with customers over the internet rather than through a phone line. Customer engagement can be strategised via cloud-hosted technology, tools, and platforms such as email, text messages and video conferencing.

There is no requirement for a customer care centre to have hardware or a physical network to operate in the cloud. It expands your options for customer journey mapping, makes it more scalable, and adds variety.

Cloud communication is no longer a phone line clients use to reach you, thanks to the latest updates and advancements. As a result, it is now a crucial aspect of brand building that can quickly deploy the necessary resources and manage the complete brand communication system.

It is possible to enhance the customer experience, better manage Customer Relationship Agents, and improve operational efficiency by appropriately implementing cloud technologies. Here’s how to do it!

What Is Cloud Communication?

A cloud communication service, tool, or application is a service or application that is offered via the internet. Using the cloud had become increasingly popular since the mid-2000s when it relieved many organisations of the burden of purchasing expensive computer hardware and software resources.

Almost twenty years later, its popularity is on the rise. According to Gartner, there will be 85 per cent of organisations using the cloud by the year 2025.

It’s also no surprise that the cloud is becoming widely used. Cloud computing’s capacity to improve customer experience (CX), particularly in healthcare facilities, is a significant benefit for many businesses.

The following are seven methods for enhancing customer interactions that make use of cloud computing:

High Availability

Customers want to get in touch with your business fast and effortlessly. Dropped dial tones and shaky connections do not convey an unprofessional picture of your firm.

If the unthinkable happens, your business and your customers may stay in touch with the help of a cloud communications solution, which ensures high uptime and reliability.

Data Centres with Cloud-Based Technology

Cloud-based communications is a hosted service and is therefore located offsite. If there’s an emergency, your workers can operate from anywhere and communicate with customers utilising the entire range of capabilities accessible to them.

Even if the worst happens, customers can still reach your company and hear crucial messages or chat with an agent.

Client Data On-Demand

Your communications system can give staff a comprehensive view of customer information during a call when coupled with a customer relationship management or business intelligence system.

Automated information is presented to clients, lowering the likelihood that they will have to wait on hold, which can harm customer satisfaction. As a result, workers can give the best treatment possible without delays or lapses in service.

Seamless Omnichannel Customer Experience

Customers may be able to get in touch with your company through a variety of methods. Websites, email, phones, chatbots and other apps are all common methods of communication.

The cloud can bridge the communication gap between these multiple channels by enabling access from a single platform. This eliminates the need to frequently move between different apps, allowing you to work more efficiently.

You can further use customer relationship management (CRM) software to monitor customer interactions. The insights may assist you in developing effective strategies for meeting your clients’ demands and improving their experience.

Ability to Connect Anytime

Today’s workers prefer to work when and when they want, and that shouldn’t affect how they go about their work.

It is possible to work from a coffee shop, hotel room, or airport with the same capabilities as if you were sitting at your desk in the workplace with a cloud communications system. Basic functioning or a lack of client data does not hold them back.

Reduce Call Waiting

Traditional call setups limit the number of calls a company phone number can receive, and this results in a lot of call waiting time. There will be issues if your company serves a large number of consumers and several of them call at the same time. It’s easy to get annoyed and have a bad time when you have to stand in line.

A CCaaS solution can be used to address this issue. Improved routing, automation, and artificial intelligence make your personnel able to manage more calls at once. Long waits will be reduced, if not eliminated, due to this change.

Interact With Customers 24/7

Frequently, customers call with questions that are either generic or of a routine nature. Chatbots can save you time by answering the same questions repeatedly. If the normal response to the enquiry is already available on your site, these cloud-based technologies can assist your clients in finding what they need.

Chatbots can even be programmed to respond to certain words or phrases based on a user’s input. As a result, your service representatives will be able to focus on more difficult duties rather than repeatedly answering the same queries. A rising customer base also reduces the number of personnel required to serve them.

What’s more, clients don’t have to wait till your firm is open to obtain an answer. It is possible to reach customers worldwide if you install a chatbot on your website or social media platforms.


Despite some companies’ initial reluctance, cloud communication platforms are seen as the future of contact centre operations. Cloud-based solutions can be used in various ways to improve customer experience (CX). For example, a cloud-based Contact Centre as a Service solution is essential.

A cohesive consumer experience across all channels is made possible with an omnichannel solution. In addition, your company’s operational efficiency will rise significantly. So, get in touch with a relevant service provider and map your company’s future.


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Cloud Communications: What Is It and How It Can Help Improve Customer Experience

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