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Colorado – Nature and Adventure, Best Places to Visit in Colorado
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Colorado – Nature and Adventure, Best Places to Visit in Colorado


Colorado is one of the western states of the United States.

Wyoming and Nebraska border its territory in the north, Kansas to the east, Utah to the west, and the south by Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Colorado is a Centennial State, or Centennial State, because it joined the American Federation precisely one hundred years after the United States declared independence.

Colorado derives both from the river that flows inland and from the Spanish language.

The color that distinguishes the landscape is represented by the red of the rocks of its mountains.

The capital is Denver, and it is the only metropolis in the state.

In general, the territory’s urbanization is relatively small and concentrated in specific areas.

Geographically the land is dry the rains throughout the year are scarce.

However, Colorado is a top-rated destination for everyone, even for the jet-set, as it offers ski slopes of all kinds.

It is remarkable hotel hospitality, hot springs for relaxation, and a host of places to unwind—pure fun.


  • The state was inhabited by Indian populations, who underwent colonization by Europeans.
  • They began to extract the enormous quantities of precious materials that the territory offered, especially gold and silver.
  • We remember the Saint Creek Massacre, in which most of the Cheyenne tribe was killed by the conquerors in search of gold.

Nature and adventure

  • Colorado’s many ski resorts lets you experience the mountains in winter with cross-country skis, snowboards, and inner tubes along the various trails.
  • Colorado is also famous for its beautiful national parks.
  • First of all, the Rocky Mountain National Park offers breathtaking views and contact with animals such as bears, marmots, moose, and bighorn sheep.

Best Places to Visit in Colorado

1. Garden of the Gods – Red rock towers

  • Characterized by imposing red rock towers that rise among the uniform vegetation, the Garden of the Gods is a unique place in the world.
  • It is no coincidence that the ancient native tribes attributed a supernatural power capable of bringing incredible rock formations to life.
  • They seem to defy the laws of physics, such as “Balanced Rock” and “Three Graces” (3 thin rock walls of unusual shape).
  • But in the Garden of the Gods, you will find beautiful views and rocks with improbable shapes.
  • You will also find a series of ancient rock carvings that bear witness to the region’s ancient peoples’ activity.
  • The park has 19 unique rock formations, which you can explore on your own by following the directions on this map.
  • You can also contact the reception center for naturalist and historical tours carried out by the rangers.
  • It refers to the many excursions and guided tours that you will find on the link below.

Red rock towers

2. Great Sand Dunes National Park

  • When it comes to unlikely and unique places globally, this unfairly overlooked national park certainly has a unique area of 80 square km of towering dunes.
  • They can reach over 200 meters in height framed by a unique background, that of the majestic peaks (above 4000 meters) of the Sangre de Cristo and San Juan mountains.
  • The park offers many hiking trails, but the must-do activity here is sandboarding.
  • Essentially, it’s about having fun sliding a board across the dunes (a move you can do at White.
  • Sands Park in New Mexico too). The park rangers explain the technique to be applied without anything transcendent in reality in the video below.
  • Boards can hire at the park entrance (Oasis Store) or in the nearby town of Alamosa (Kristi Mt. Sports).

3. Mesa Verde National Park

  • Mesa Verde Park is the most relevant testimony to the ancestral culture of the pueblos
  • An ancient tribe founded its rocky villages in rock niches (cave dwellings).
  • If you add to these archaeological wonders the splendid views offered by the wooded plateaus of the park.
  • It’s easy to see how Mesa Verde is one of the fascinating attractions in the whole state.
  • It will be necessary to use the ranger guide to visit the cave villages, while other areas are freely explorable.
  • Please find all the details in our article dedicated to Mesa Verde National Park.

Rocky Mountains National Park

  • For those who love alpine landscapes, the Rocky Mountains National Park is a marvel not to be missed: over 1000 sq km of snow-capped peaks, mountain lakes, and expanses of wildflowers.
  • It is among the most visited parks in the States; therefore, if you are looking for a bit of intimacy, I suggest you go hiking (there are almost 500 km of trails waiting for you).
  • Suppose you want to admire the wonders of the park from the comfort of your car.
  • You may take the Trail Ridge Road, the highest paved road, in that case.
  • In America, Forest Canyon, Fairview Curve, Alpin Visitor Center, Gore Range, and Lava Cliff offer splendid views of the mountains.

Fort Collins – Craft breweries.

  • Fort Collins is a craft beer center, offering a wide range of famous craft breweries.
  • Visitors might enjoy a brewery tour and samples, including New Belgium, the third-largest craft beer producer in the states.

Breckenridge – Wonderland

  • The photogenic Breckenridge is a veritable winter wonderland, ideal for those looking for a picture-perfect Christmas town.
  • Its twinkling lights and glistening icicles, as well as world-class skiing. But it offers something for everyone all year round.

Aspen – Town

  • Aspen, of course, is one of the most famous mountain towns in the state.

Boulder- Popular University

  • This popular university city is famous for its particularly apt residents who appreciate the great outdoors and progressive values.
  • Boulder offers practically an infinite number of hiking trails at the base of the Rocky Mountains’ foothills.
  • Including trekking through the breathtaking Flatirons that serve as the most recognizable landmark.

Glenwood Springs – Thermal pool

  • Glenwood Springs is home to the largest thermal pool globally and has attracted visitors from around the world since 1888.
  • It is open year-round for swimming, diving, and splashing, with plenty of space to stretch out, play or relax.

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Review Colorado – Nature and Adventure, Best Places to Visit in Colorado.

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