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Corona Virus Helpers – Google thanks the helpers working in the pandemic
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Corona Virus Helpers – Google thanks the helpers working in the pandemic

Corona Virus Helpers

Corona Virus Helpers are the Health workers who are the critical workers during the pandemic. Thanks to medical staff

Thank you, corona virus helpers. The key workers are hospital workers— a symbol of hope during the COVID-19 corona virus outbreak.

Thank you to the people working to save lives and keep communities safe during this pandemic.

As the world continues to face an unmatched crisis, an inspiring trend is emerging: People everywhere want to help.

Searches for ” how to help ” healthcare workers, essential workers, food service personnel, first responders, and teachers have never increased as much as now.

We will forever be indebted to all essential health workers and heroes on the front lines of this pandemic.

And we are grateful for every helper who supports them.

We thank you for every night, every additional shift.

We thank you for the sacrifice you continue to make for all of us and the martyrs your families and loved ones are making during this time.

And also, We thank you for displaying up every day and night to save lives and help others. Where there is help, there is hope.

Thank you very much, and applause to all who protect and help us

  • Thank you very much to doctors, nurses, and their helpers: the staff of clinics, hospitals, health centers, and pharmacies.
  • We should applaud everyone from the doormen, cleaners, equipment technicians, pharmacologists, and the essential medical community members.
  • Everyone is risking their lives to save us, to care for each patient with coronavirus.
  • Many times, without having the equipment or the necessary medicines, without having proper protection for themselves.
  • They are putting their health, even their lives, at risk, as front-line combatants against this pandemic that we face.
  • Women and men tirelessly cared for people who are seriously ill with the virus and, unfortunately, have become contaminated and have died in some cases.
  • Not in vain are they being applauded and admired all over the planet. Today, each of the workers is considered a hero.
  • Pope Francis has joined the global appreciation for them by asking: “Let us pray together for the doctors, hospital staff, and volunteers who are giving their lives to save others.
  • ” Indeed, even agnostics can have a thought of recognition towards them.

Thank you very much, and applause to all who protect and help us

Thanks to Other Corona Virus Helpers

  • At the forefront, Thanks to those who supply our food needs amid this crisis.
  • Without their tireless and efficient work, we would not have the food we need.
  • Many thanks to the soldiers and police officers and their commanders who maintain order and are ready to assist and coordinate any necessary work at this critical time.
  • We have seen them transporting doctors and medicines to the most remote and inhospitable places, protecting the civilian population.
  • They are even at the forefront of constructing and adapting temporary hospitals’ capacity care for patients.
  • Thanks to the civil defense and the Red Cross always ready to serve.
  • To psychologists and psychiatrists, attentive to help combat fear and anguish, many, with their advice and experience.
  • Thanks to banks, industries, businesses, and foundations that offer citizens support.
  • Thanks to the online tax CPAs and accountants who helped individuals and businesses navigate the HEROES act, the Paycheck Protection Program, and the various stimulus payments that were paid throughout the pandemic.
  • Thanks to people who give us the voice of help, even the phone, during the mandatory quarantine.
  • And also, Thanks to those who listen to us patiently and often accompany our fear, even our crying.
  • Perhaps, we will treasure the memories of these dark days when we once again recognized each other as brothers in the uncertain future we face.
  • Thank you today and always to God for our lives!

Thanks to Other Corona Virus Helpers

Google: Doodle thanks the helpers who work in the middle of the corona virus pandemic

  • Google Doodle pays tribute to workers who work amid the corona virus pandemic with a special doodle.
  • However, Google continues with its tribute doodle to those who keep their jobs amid the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) that
    affects the entire planet.
  • On this occasion, the world’s largest search engine dedicates its doodle to all the people who carry out jobs that support society at this difficult time.
  • Thanks to your effort and dedication, millions of families can live in confinement properly.
  • Doodle thanks to the Firefighters, Doctors, or Nurse on the front lines of the battle against the virus, people dedicated to cleaning the streets.
  • And also, teachers who now teach classes online, police officers, transporters, cooks, farmers, among others.
  • “As COVID-19 continues to influence communities around the world, people are coming together to help each other now more than ever.
  • We are launching a Doodle series to recognize and honor many of those on the front lines,” Google said.
  • “Today, we would like to say: To all coronavirus helpers, thank you,” he added.

Google: Doodle thanks the helpers

Superhero helpers are here: the covid fighters

  • If there is something we see these days, the wave of solidarity is flooding the networks.
  • One of these initiatives has drawn our attention and countless celebrities who have joined its cause.
  • The NGO Covid Fighters provide help to all the people who have to go out so that those who halt at home do not lack anything.
  • With the donations received, protection screens are being manufactured and other materials to stop the infections and put an end to this damn bug.

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