Dark Forest Theory – Role of technologies in achieving the sustainable development goals

Dark Forest Theory

The Dark Forest Theory states that if you are in a dark forest, be careful not to reveal your presence because there may be many predators that we know nothing about.

Therefore, the greatest way to survive is to study the forest and its possible inhabitants, trying not to report our presence.

However, it comes from the observation that a civilization more advanced than ours could exterminate us without much effort.

This theory is also developed in the sci-fi books from The Three-Body Problem series by Chinese Liu Qixin. Very interesting.

However, it is also the predominant position of the SETI scientists: we keep listening, but we avoid transmission.

The problem of the civilizational divide and how little is needed to obtain a significant technological advantage is also discussed in the books of Dr Claudio Maccone.

However, I propose to read, he deepened the topic of the Fermi paradox, transferring it to the field of statistics with fascinating results.

Internet Dark Forest Theory

  • “Dark Forest Theory” grow because they deliver psychological and reputational coverage.
  • They permit us to be ourselves because we know who else is. There are significant changes in the way we use the Internet, and this post explains them perfectly.
  • Yancy Strickler introduces the Internet’s dark forest theory that public space poisons – trolls, ad tracking, predatory behaviour, and more.
  • However, it encourages people to retreat to safer, more enclosed spaces such as private messages and group newsletters, and podcasts.

Role of technologies in achieving the sustainable development goals

  • A document recently published by FAO highlights how advances in science and technology are revolutionizing forest management.
  • To improve monitoring of forest areas and forest health in real-time.
  • It create new products or enhance the efficiency of existing ones to make raw materials sustainable.

Forest resources monitoring and mapping

  • Several technologies allow monitoring much more accessible today than in the past and possible in real-time: geospatial.
  • Detect the situation of the forests and the Big Data that, associated with Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
  • They allow us to have meaningful information on the current state and perform predictive analysis to understand what will happen in the future.
  • It is already possible today to know if an area of trees as small as 30 square meters has been lost anywhere in the world.
  • Therefore, assessing the environmental risk, even for small and medium-sized enterprises, has never been easier.
  • It is possible to identify deforestation in one’s supply chain or the investment portfolio to apply strategies aimed at better land management.
  • Data collection activates the possibility of publishing them in an open format to make them available to the academic world.

Raising awareness on sustainable forest management

  • It is almost obvious to say how Social Media have.
  • In recent years, contributed to increasing people’s awareness of environmental and sustainability issues.
  • Just think of the Fridays for Future movement, a global movement born in support of the battle waged by Greta Thunberg.

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