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Wisconsin Tourism – Geography and Climate, How to get to Wisconsin and travel around the state?
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Wisconsin Tourism – Geography and Climate, How to get to Wisconsin and travel around the state?

Wisconsin Tourism

Wisconsin Tourism includes tourist attractions such as skiing, ice fishing, and other winter sports.

Its major attractions are the House on the Rock in Spring Green, the World Circus Museum, and major festivals, especially in the summer months.

Wisconsin is a federal state of the United States of America.

The natural beauty of the state has made Wisconsin a favorite vacation spot for Americans.

The peninsula that stretches along the east coast of Lake Michigan is called the Door Peninsula.

The quaint fishing villages of Door County are perhaps the absolute favorite place for tourists.

The state name is an Anglicization of the French adaptation of an Indian word, which means “the place where we live.”

Four seasons of entertainment in Wisconsin

  • Four seasons of fun In the winter, Wisconsin turns the state into a winter sports paradise.
  • Skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and ice fishing are plentiful.
  • When the snow melts in the spring, marvel at the stunning cherry blossom trees in Door County and jump into the water to raft and fish.
  • There are over 15,000 inland lakes, two Great Lakes, the mighty Mississippi River.
  • Summer heralds terrace dining and food vans, lodge camping, and outdoor events such as Summerfest, the world’s largest outdoor music festival.
  • In the fall, take the Great River Road, which USA Today considers a must-see.

General information about Wisconsin

  • Wisconsin was inhabited several tens of thousands of years ago: the ancestors of the Indians who hunted mammoths appeared here.
  • The skeleton of a mastodon, an extinct animal, has even been found throughout the state.
  • The people who lived in this area left behind an abundance of figured mounds, with which Wisconsin, among other things, attracts tourists.
  • The first Europeans appeared in Wisconsin in the 17th century; they were the French.
  • They traded with the Indians, but in the middle of the 18th century, the area passed into Great Britain’s possession.
  • For a long time, the British controlled this territory, but in the middle of the 19th century, the area became the next, the thirtieth state of the United States of America.
  • Further in this area, the mining industry developed rapidly, miners with their families moved here.
  • At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, immigrants moved to Wisconsin – mainly from Germany and the Scandinavian countries.
  • Currently, the state is quite average in size and area; it is known as the dairy industry and tourism center.

Brief Geography and Climate

  • The state is located in the north of the center of the country. The capital is the city of Madison.
  • The state is geographically diverse. There is a highland (in the north), an upland (in the west), and a plain in the center.
  • The lowlands lie towards Michigan, with access to Great Lake Michigan. The state has birch and mixed forests, sandstones, a river of the same name.
  • The climate of the state is sharply continental and humid. The winters are icy, and instead, the summers are hot.
  • The high season for holidays in the state is the beginning of autumn, as hills and forests look the most picturesque, skies are bright, and the Great Lakes are covered with morning fog.

Safety in Wisconsin

  • The state is relatively quiet and calm; besides organized tourism in the United States, everything is highest.

There are some points to consider:

  • Travel to the wilderness of the state, either with a guide or with a guided tour, must be very prepared;
  • Monitor the weather: tornadoes happen in the state;
  • In large cities, as elsewhere in the world, to monitor the safety of their valuables.

How to get to Wisconsin and travel around the state?

  • The easiest way for Russian tourists to get to the state is via Milwaukee International Airport. The flight will last approximately 13 hours.
  • When buying a ticket in advance, stay prepared because Moscow’s trip to Milwaukee can cost about 45,000 rubles. Many travel companies offer their customers tickets at discounted prices.
  • Therefore, you should think about entrusting the organization of your vacation to professionals.
  • Milwaukee has a lot to see, and from there, you can travel around the state by bus.
  • You also can rent a vehicle if you do not want to depend on transport links and have all the documents, skills, and financial resources.

How to get to Wisconsin and travel around the state

Where to stay to live in Wisconsin?

  • There are always many offers for tourists in glorious America because millions of people visit the country every year.
  • There are many different hotels, inns, guest houses, hostels, and apartments for every taste in large cities of the state.
  • However, early booking accommodation in Milwaukee will cost you about $ 55 for two per night. Higher rank hotels – three- star, four-star – under the same conditions will require about $ 100-200 per day.

Things to do in Wisconsin

  • So, the state is suitable for those who like summer vacations or off-seasons.
  • In winter, such entertainment as skiing, ice fishing is possible, but all the state beauty is best seen in autumn.
  • Then fishing, and quiet hunting – picking berries and mushrooms, and just walking in the bright forests of Wisconsin will be available, and the weather will pleasantly please.
  • It’s friendly and easy to drive around the state, visiting small towns.
  • However, there are many places of interest throughout the state that a tourist needs to visit. Each person can find a place to their liking for themselves.
  • Various museums, national parks, bars – this is just a small list of what awaits tourists in Wisconsin.
  • The cuisine, as elsewhere in the United States of America, is multinational.
  • And also, it would help if you tried the local dessert – custard – a combination of egg yolks with cream and syrups.
  • Wisconsin is not the best destination for shopaholics. Of course, there are great shops in big cities.
  • But most often, mood, photographs, and small souvenirs brought from here.

It can be:

  1. Souvenirs in the form of a lighthouse;
  2. Parker pen (it was in this state that its creator was born);
  3. A can of beer from Milwaukee;
  4. Other typical American souvenirs.

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