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Google Finance – How does it work? Does the Google Finance app exist?

Google Finance – How does it work? Does the Google Finance app exist?

Google Finance

Google Finance is a portal developed by the Mountain View giant and integrated into its leading search engine.

Its main objective is to aggregate the prices and news of the top listed companies.

It retrieves all the information in question, and the site uses Google Blog Search and Google News sources.

To help you better understand its features, we have prepared the guide, which you can read below.

Before we start looking at it, let’s clarify one thing: we will also provide you with useful information on a real alternative to Google Finance, namely ForexTB.

Unlike Google Finance, it also includes information related to Forex, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies.

Besides, of course, quality services that we will discover at the time of the article.

It would be best to understand the difference between the two alternatives better if you went into the guide.

As you can see, we have also chosen to include an index. By viewing it, you can explore the topics that interest you most.

Operation Google Finance

  • Updated Google Finance in 2017. This update highlighted a fundamental change, which is the intuitive interface with the user’s search history.
  • In this way, those who use the portal can immediately find the news relating to the companies that interest them.

Operation Google Finance

How it works?

  • To get started, enter the Google search string’s portal name.
  • The next footstep is to click on the first search result, characterized by the URL

How to Track and Compare Stock Markets

  • Follow the stocks on Google Finance
  • Unfortunately, there is no way to do the same with cryptocurrencies or assets such as Forex currencies, which is an objective limitation of the portal.
  • In any case, if you intend to follow the progress of the headlines of a specific group and the news concerning it, you should type the name of the headlines as mentioned earlier in the search bar of the portal.
  • Then you need to select the Finance tab. After finalizing these steps, you should click on the ” Track ” button.
  • At this point, you will have title updates in your Google Finance account.
  • Google Finance also allows you to compare several stocks with each other.
  • To reach them, you must first go to the section dedicated to the assets mentioned above and click on the button marked” Compare. “
  • In this case, it is possible to appreciate a considerable level of intelligence of the portal, providing the user with a selection of markets related to the stock he wishes to compare.
  • To view the data, you need to click on it and get a clear picture of the chart and the most critical financial data.

How to Track and Compare Stock Markets

Google Finance Folder

  • The Google Finance folder, however, was a feature highly valued by portal users. However, with the 2017 update, I removed it.
  • Users download their folders locally with an official statement.
  • As Yahoo Finance’s, Google Finance’s portfolio has helped track the number of investments and keep tabs on losses, creating data collections based on selected information.
  • Shortly before the update, Google gave users a way to download the Google Finance wallet in CSV and OFX format.

Does the Google Finance app exist?

  • Given the centrality of mobile devices in our lives, many people have asked us about the Google Finance app’s existence.
  • It is enough to do a quick search on the stores to realize that there is no trace of this portal’s application for iOS or Android.
  • The only app available is not for smartphones but the Chrome Web Store. We haven’t tried it, but we saw that the last update was in 2015, making it very likely that there are technical issues.
  • We always remember that if you want to receive all the market updates and trade real-time data, you should consider the ForexTB app, available for iOS and Android.
  • These, essential to invest concretely and with real money, are a service of true excellence, generally available for a fee. On ForexTB, it is possible to use them for free.

ForexTB comes alternatively with Google Finance

Let’s make a summary: on Google Finance, it is possible to follow stocks’ evolution. Not bad, mind you, but the options end there.

On the contrary, by choosing ForexTB, the arrows in our arc increase. Here are the strengths that we can follow on this platform:

  1. Actions
  2. The clues
  3. Currencies
  4. Commodity
  5. Crypto valuta

A decidedly more decadent range! Another advantage: are the quotes in real-time? Yes, of course! Each of the assets listed above allows you to track the price continuously, second by second.

Besides, on ForexTB, it is possible to access the platform, select the stocks (or other assets) that interest us, and create a real portfolio.

It will make it much calmer to track our favorite caches or cryptocurrencies’ performance wants to trade.

We can follow the selected Assets only visually or decide to invest virtual money in them.

Yahoo Finance vs. Google Finance: which is more popular

  • Talking about Google Finance is also considering its main competitor, Yahoo Finance.
  • According to most users, the experience of this portal is much more complete than Google’s proposal.
  • Yahoo Finance was introduced shortly after the launch of the search engine in 1994.
  • On the other hand, Google Finance was launched more than ten years later, that is to say in 2006: it is from one of the world’s most visited financial portals.
  • Yahoo Finance has evolved into a desktop version; it was also available as an app for smartphones and tablets until recently.
  • Its mission is to help users make better decisions about the investment world.
  • It does this by providing a wide range of financial data, through which it is possible to learn about markets of interest.
  • In terms of popularity, data in hand shows Yahoo Finance is ahead of Big G’s competitor.
  • According to an authoritative source like Statista Data, there are more visits to Yahoo’s financial portal.
  • The information we have just cited concerns American users, a target used to consulting financial sites for some time.
  • For Italy, it is not possible to access such rankings. However, the situation will not be different, that the persons of Bel Paese are known for their attention to savings, which also includes an interest in investments.


  • The Google Finance portal is a good starting point for those who wish to learn about a share’s performance or the listed company’s news.
  • It is a quality tool, absolutely legal, and particularly suitable for novice investors who know little about stocks and stock market indices and wish to start learning from a serious source.
  • Despite these undeniable strengths, the portal has several flaws. The main one concerns the inability to obtain
    data on cryptocurrencies, Forex currencies, and commodities.
  • After viewing Google Finance data, you need to test yourself with an account. ForexTB allows you to get started risk-free, i.e., with a demo account.
  • When you feel ready, it is possible to switch to real money, enabling you to start investing seriously and win if the trades close positively.

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Review Google Finance – How does it work? Does the Google Finance app exist?.

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