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Google Flights – Google Flights, the new cheap flight search tool

Google Flights – Google Flights, the new cheap flight search tool

Google Flights

Google Flights was published by Google in 2011 and is an online search engine that makes it easier to buy airline tickets.

You can buy tickets from more than 300 third-party providers such as airlines, travel agencies, and travel agents.

The system was built on the ITA matrix algorithm and can compare all flight offers in the network.

It offers the ITA software database, in a simplified manner via the Google user interface.

The clear visualization of it should make it as easy as possible for the user to determine air travel

The specialty of this service is, above all, to use flexible search criteria. For example, you can search for a specific travel or flight time, a particular budget, or different destinations.

If you are a little flexible when planning your trip, it also allows you to search for destination and departure airports without specifying a specific travel date.

Thus the system can help you to find the cheapest flight for your upcoming trip.

Besides, the speed at which Google flights are present is awe-inspiring.

Search Google flights

  • It can help you get you somewhere else without prior destination planning or on a budget.
  • The search engine is also ideal for last-minute vacation planning. When you have reached Google Flights’ start page, you first have to enter your search criteria.
  • As with any other flight search, you can fill in the respective fields for one-way / outward and return flights.
  • The Google flights will filter out departure and arrival on airports, passengers, travel class, and travel date accordingly.

Google flight calendar

  • In general, we know that flight prices can vary greatly depending on the travel date.
  • The price difference between two days of departure can easily double, especially during peak tourist times.
  • With the calendar function, you can easily compare the prices of the respective flight dates.
  • You will find an overview of all tariffs at a glance, and the cheapest departure days are also displayed in color.

What Google Flights can do?

  • Google Flights offers several specific benefits:

1. Lightning Fast

  • It is quicker than any other flight search engine and displays fares worth months in fractions of a second.

Lightning Fast

2. Calendar-Based Fare View

  • It offers a simple and intuitive calendar view that shows the next 12 months’ cheapest fare.

3. Search multiple airports

  • With Google Flights, you can search for the cheapest fare between up to 7 departure airports and seven destination airports without slowing down the search.

4. Map Search

  • The Google Flights Explore map allows you to see the cheapest flight location from your airport during the selected date/date range.

How bad Google Flights is?

Google Flights is not perfect. Here he is a little late:

1. It doesn’t always offer the lowest fares

  • Google Flights finds foods sold directly by airlines and some major online travel agencies (OTAs) like Expedia or Orbitz.
  • You can often find the best rates at small online travel agencies that it doesn’t consider.
  • It is not showing results for Southwest Airlines. You must therefore check this directly with the airline.

2. Not many error rates can be found

  • Likewise, many error rates are present on smaller online travel agency websites. Google Flights can’t find it.

3. Indicates unavailable offers

  • It will notify you that a plan is available at a particular program from time to time.
  • However, when you click to make a reservation, either (a) the rate or (b) the rate increases. There is no way to book online.
  • Instead, you will be asked to call the airline. (Don’t worry about calling, it won’t work.)
  • This phenomenon is known as “ghosting” and can occasionally occur on it when a plan was lately available but is no longer available.

Google Flights, the new cheap flight search tool

  • One of the perks of wayfaring to a distant destination is, of course, the opportunity to escape the routine and all that is more mundane in everyday life.
  • Travel is undoubtedly an attractive idea. However, all the preparations for this one can take quite a while.
  • And this is true for those who like to travel alone for people who book in groups.
  • We readily admit: the process of finding a cheap flight can be quite nerve-racking.
  • Among the questions that we often ask ourselves, there is, of course, that of the destination to choose.
  • And then there is also the travel period. When is it best to book a flight for the best prices?
  • Now, we can take advantage of a new tool: Google Flights fr. Google designs it with the ultimate goal of making planning a trip (vacation or business) much more comfortable.
  • If you’re wondering what Google Flights is, here’s a quick answer.
  • Moreover, it is a tool that gives users a comprehensive overview of booking options, plus plenty of other handy features.
  • You can use the tool to compare prices and find a cheap flight. Or to find the best period to book and to receive practical information about your destination.
  • Like many other tools designed by Google, Flights’ idea is to replace all the others that only offer incomplete information.

How to change your currency or language in Google Flights

  • Look for the “hamburger” in the top left corner of Google Flights, the three(3) Horizontal lines to the leftward of the words “Google Flights.”
  • It will open a vertical menu on the left. You have choices to change the language, currency, or country you use for it at the bottom of this page.
  • Here, you can also go to the Explorer Map or view the tracking prices (more information below).
  • You can also customize your country, currency, and language at the bottom of the page.

How does it work?

  • The software tool searches each airline’s databases and each online travel agency for flight times, seats, and prices.
  • A program called the ITA Matrix is used behind the scenes developed initially for travel agents and reservation managers.

Can you book through Google Flights?

  • Not exactly because the tool itself is just a search engine, this means that, unlike a travel agent, you are not selling the flight.
  • However, Google includes links to each result to the cheapest available location that can be booked, usually straight with the airline, but sometimes through an online travel agent or an airline partner.
  • However, there have been two exceptions recently: You can book tickets with Lufthansa or Virgin America directly through Google Flights.

Additional functions for flights search

  • Google Flights suggests destinations and helps you find the best fares and the best travel times; it also offers other different roles.
  • With Google Flights, you can search for flights from numerous airports simultaneously.
  • This function can even be used in both directions, including your destination airport.
  • It allows you to enter up to seven departure and destination airports in the search criteria – this results in a total of 49 possible combinations from the search results.

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