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Google Notebook – Function, Where is notebook data exported?

Google Notebook – Function, Where is notebook data exported?

Google Notebook

Google Notebook was a free online application from Google that allowed users to save and organize clips of information while searching online.

The browser-based tool allowed users to write notes, clip text and images, and save links from pages during a browser session.

Stored the information was in an online “notebook” with sharing and collaboration capabilities.

Notebooks can be made “public” or visible to others and can also collaborate with a list of users (public or private).


  • After limited months, the Firefox extension was released, Google added a “Not this” link to every Google search result when users are signed in.
  • Clicking on it will bring up an AJAX UI at the bottom right of the screen, just like the extension. But without the need to install a browser add-on.
  • Notebooks can contain headings and notes. New notes appeared at the bottom of a notebook unless selected an insertion point (a specific section) in the mini-notebook tab.
  • Using the full-page notebook view, you can drag and drop notes within a notebook or between notebooks and rearrange them.
  • It was also possible to export notebooks to Google Docs. There was no option to export the notes as a text file (TXT format).

Google Notebook is disabled

  • Google Notebook is a free service from Google that makes it easy to save and organize small clips of web pages.
  • The development stopped in January 2009, and Google Notepad has been disabled since July 2012, and all Notepad data should now be in Google Docs.
  • As previously announced, we were able to export notebook data in most cases automatically. So visit Google Docs.
  • Also, update any bookmarks or links in the editor to refer to documents.

Queries about this conversion

  • Here are some queries about this conversion. We may add or update questions over time.

Where is my notebook data automatically exported?

  • For auto-exported documents, each Notebook you had in Google Notepad should have a new Google Docs record.
  • These documents are titled Imported from Google Notepad, followed by the notepad’s original name.
  • These documents contain the original notebook data, including captions, comments, and URLs.
  • You can share, edit, or delete these new documents like regular documents.
  • If you are having trouble finding new documents, look for Imported from Google Notepad in the documents list.

What happened to the public notebooks?

  • The sharing of all public notebooks has been canceled.

What happened to the bookmarks stored

  • It does not effect Bookmark data. You can still access your bookmarks at
  • However, is no longer available.

I used Google Docs before. How can I learn how to use it?

  • The Google Docs team has created an introductory page here.

What should I do if there is a problem with my data?

  • First, make sure that you don’t export your notebook data by searching for Imported from Google Notepad in Google Docs.
  • When you’ve confirmed that there is indeed a problem with the export (duplicate data or missing notebook data), you can start a thread on the Google Docs discussion forum, and we’ll investigate the problem.

Why did you make this transition?

  • We enjoyed working on notebooks, but sometimes we have to decide to focus our efforts more on products and technologies.
  • These will bring the most significant benefit to users in the long run.
  • With all of the significant innovations and improvements made to Google Docs over the past few years, we believe this is an excellent replacement for Notebook.

How long can notebooks run in Colab?

  • Notebooks run by connecting to virtual machines with maximum lifetimes that can be as much as 12 hours.
  • Notebooks will also disconnect from VMs when left idle for too long. Full VM lifetime and lethargic timeout behavior may vary over time or based on your usage.
  • This is necessary for Colab to be able to offer computational resources for free.
  • Users interested in longer VM lifetimes and more lenient idle timeout behaviors that don’t vary as much overtime may be interested in Colab Pro.

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