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Google Shopping – Benefits, How does it work? Google Merchant Center

Google Shopping – Benefits, How does it work? Google Merchant Center

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is based on two platforms: AdWords and Google Merchant Center.

In short, Google Merchant Center is the platform where you can upload your product feed, while Google AdWords is the tool where you can set up your ad campaigns.

Setting up and managing Google Shopping ads is quite different from setting up traditional text ads.

Through text ads, you are creating campaigns and ads that focus on the keywords you choose.

Instead, with a tool like Google Shopping, Google decides when product listing ads appear, taking into account your feed, site.

And it bids to determine which search queries trigger your ads.

Google Shopping allows users who search for a particular product on Google to find your products by showing them directly in the search results.

Google Shopping offers some direct benefits

  • Capability to appeal to more potential purchasers through paid Campaigns targeted at product research.
  • Google Shopping allows you to reach shoppers while they are looking for items in your catalog.
  • Thanks to the Product Feed provided to Google Shopping, it allows you to have “automatic” control by Google to correct your product information.
  • Customers can find the current and relevant articles they are looking for.
  • Google Shopping is a tool that allows you to compare various online shopping websites and search within them for items to buy.
  • And it will enable users who search for a specific product on Google to find your products by showing them directly in the search results.

Google Shopping offers some direct benefits

How does it work?

  • Everything starts from research.
  • The main distribution channel for Shopping Ads is the Search Network. It activates text ads and shopping ads in correspondence with a query, a user’s detailed search.
  • For Search Network campaigns, a user’s query will trigger our ad if, and only if, there is an active bid on a particular keyword within our movement.
  • The Google Ads auction mechanism compares the eligible ads by returning to the user the ads that have “won the auction” based on the ads’ ranking.
  • However, there is a problem. For Google Shopping, the offers are not dependent on the keyword system.
  • Unlike Shopping Search campaigns, the products present in the e-commerce catalog represents the primary element.
  • And it makes available through the Merchant Center on Google Ads.
  • Our product catalog will participate in the auctions, and Google will choose which product best intercepts the
    user’s query and if the product is suitable to be published.
  • If it meets these two conditions, then our product announcement will be published on the results page.

What is Google Merchant Center?

  • Google Merchant Center is a Google tool that allows you to record your shop’s data and your products and make them available on Google Shopping.
  • The costs of Google Shopping are the same as those of Google Adwords. The ads are reimbursed at the actual Click by setting a daily budget and a CPC offer (basic settings).
  • The product views are like an Adwords campaign targeted at the product and its purchase.
  • So if you already manage an Adwords campaign, we can say that the costs are the same.

How to get started?

  • First, visit and click Sign In.
  • These are some tips for setting up your shop.

Site Review:

  • It would be best to verify that you own your site and request it in Merchant Center. You can do this directly from the Merchant Center.

Know your taxes and shipping settings:

  • You need to set up your tax and shipping rules in the general settings in Merchant Center.

Link Merchant Center to AdWords:

  • In Settings, click AdWords to link to your AdWords account. You’ll need a 10-digit AdWords ID to connect the two.
  • You’ll also need to sign in with an email address with administrative access to Merchant Center and AdWords.

Sales tax

  • The most pleasing way to set up sales tax is in the general account set up in Google Merchant Center. Here you can specify the rates and states that charge VAT.

Sales tax


  • Again, it’s better to set up the Merchant Center rules than fill in the fields for each product.
  • You can set up free shipping, even rate shipping, and courier calculated shipping within the Merchant Center.
  • Other information required: These data points are quick and easy to add, but they are also necessary.
  • If you omit them on a particular product, that product will not be eligible for Google Shopping.


  • Image is one of the most critical factors in getting someone to click on your ad.
  • Price: While the image will grab a person’s attention, the price usually has the most significant impact on someone’s click.
  • It is mainly true if you are selling the same product that other retailers are selling.
  • If your product is unique or has apparent advantages over the competition, a higher price tag can attract the right clicks.


  • Whether it’s your brand or reselling another brand, you need to indicate each product’s brand in your feed.
  • Google requires branding in most cases, especially from people with high purchase intent.

Product name

  • Your product title requires to be accurate and meaningful. Otherwise, it will be difficult for Google to know when to run your product ad.
  • Your product title is probably an essential element of your feed.

Product description

  • Product descriptions aren’t as crucial as product titles, but they are essential parts of your feed.
  • Google pays close attention to your explanations to determine which keywords are triggering your product listing ads.

Product category

  • Google has created a fairly comprehensive list of categories and subcategories that your products could fit.
  • It is another way Google can know accurately what your product is an important (and mandatory) step in getting your products to show the right search queries.
  • You have to select from Google’s list of categories.

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Review Google Shopping – Benefits, How does it work? Google Merchant Center.

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