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IMO Class 5 2016 Question paper
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IMO Class 5 2016 Question paper

The IMO (International Mathematical Olympiad) is a World Championship Mathematics Competition that was formed in 1959 to improve students’ competitive skills and bring a broad talent pool to various industries and enterprises. The IMO, which is organized by the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF), gives pupils a chance to flourish academically and improve their problem-solving skills. The IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year class 5 question Papers contains answers to a variety of questions from previous Olympiad papers, as well as a step-by-step guide to solving a wide range of problems. Logic reasoning, mathematical reasoning, and everyday mathematics are among the topics covered in the papers. Students can strengthen problem-solving abilities and improve both their abstract and creative thinking capabilities by studying and understanding the solutions specified in IMO Class 5 Previous Papers. You must go to the official IMO prior year question paper website. A particularly structured list of previous year’s question papers for Class 5 can be found there. As they progress into increasingly advanced mathematical topics, students learn the principles of geometry, measures, and algebra. In on-demand videos, our animated math teachers break down the skills into simple tutorials. Students who are having difficulty with a particular skill or who simply need a refresher might take lessons. The previous year’s question paper comes with an answer booklet as well as a comprehensive step-by-step guide on solving a wide range of problems. These are the following items that are included in question paper:

  • Logical Reasoning
  • Mathematical reasoning
  • Mathematics in Each day
  • Section of Achievers

Arrangement of Question in Section-wise:

Marks of Class:5


Logical Reasoning:



15*1(1 question=1 marks)




Mathematical Reasoning:


20*1(1 question=1 marks)






Mathematics in Each day



10*1(1 question=1 marks)





Achiever Section



5*3(1 question=3marks)











The Benefit of Studying Previous Year’s sample Question Papers for Class 5

Going over past year’s IMO question papers will aid pupils in their development.

1. Quickness in answering queries: 

If you started solving the previous year’s question paper and make a habit then your speed of solving question paper will day by day and one day you will find you become the faster person from before.

2. Improve your problem-solving abilities:

As you started working over solving several types of problems you will notice that you do not need to bang your head over the wall if there is any new type of sum because it might happen that you have already solved a similar type of problem.

3. Ability to reason creatively:

As you work over reasoning you will become more creative and you will gain the skill of solving Reasoning problems quickly. You don’t need to lag the way you used your lag. You would feel like a winner as you can solve those Reasoning questions very easily and you would start enjoying solving recent problems.

4. Skills in logical reasoning:

When it comes to solving Logical Reasoning then you need to practice a different type of logical reasoning question paper thoroughly then you will see that you can solve those problems very easily without any problem. Solving the Logical Reasoning problem is a bit tough because you need to put your logic into that question and you need to find out its answer.

5. To improve numerical problem-solving abilities:

In this type of question, you need to put your focus mainly on calculation and how fast is your calculation, and even you should remember the formulas so that you can apply those formulas accordingly to the problem to solve. The International Mathematics Olympiad extends beyond the high school curriculum and encourages students to push themselves beyond their limits. Students can augment their regular coursework by participating in the IMO, which gives them a competitive experience. Outside of regular classrooms, students are exposed to a variety of issues, forcing them to hone their analytical, reasoning, abstract, and mental math skills. Students have a distinct advantage over their colleagues by participating in the IMO, which increases their academic profiles, by practising the Olympiad Previous Year Question Papers for Class 5.

How can I compete in class?

  • By participating in Math Competition:

Students in grades 4 through 8 can compete in the Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools, which take place every year from November to March. It Stimulates passion and a love for mathematics, introduce important mathematical concepts, teach major problem-solving strategies, develop mathematical flexibility in solving problems, strengthen mathematical intuition, foster mathematical creativity and provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges in students according to the contest’s goals. The tournament divided into five monthly contests, each with five problems. Up to 35 students work in groups of up to 35 to solve challenges and earn points. The aggregate of the ten greatest individual scores determines the team score. A certificate is given to each participant. Trophies, patches, pins, medallions, and plaques are awarded to high-scoring teams and individuals. The International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) is an annual high school mathematics competition. IN 1959 the first IMO was held in Romania, with seven countries taking part. It has grown to include over 80 countries from five continents.

How to do Practice:

On topic-wise, you have an unlimited adaptive online practice. It feels like you’re practicing while having fun! Shields, trophies, certificates, and scores are all available. As you play, you’ll have a better understanding of this subject. Take/assign as many online tests as you want on this subject. Volume.

Will math competition motivate students?

Math students can be motivated by a little friendly competition.  Nowadays Education World presents many math competitions or challenges.  It is extremely easy to participate in any math competitions with the help of internet you don’t need to worry about where to find the competition, you can search on internet and apply in it.  one of which might be just the thing to get your children excited about arithmetic. Problem-solving and stock market competitions, as well as the World’s Largest Math Event, are all included.

You can refer to IMO Class 5 2016 Question Paper.

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