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Moorpark College – Registration, College Mission, Statement of University Values

Moorpark College

Moorpark College is a public institution in Moorpark, California, where you enjoy high-quality education at an affordable cost.

A positive experience awaits at Moorpark College, whether you are a current or prospective student or a visitor of a beautiful campus.

Since opening the doors in 1967, it has helped students of various backgrounds, ethnicities, and ages discover their passions and career goals.

As one of three Ventura County Community College District colleges, we work hard to meet the student community’s educational and cultural needs and the community.

Moreover, when you visit Moorpark College, you will see a vibrant campus.

Also, have many student clubs and events to enrich your community college experience.

Students are poised for success, thanks to the foundations laid by our institution’s founders and the continued efforts of our campus team.

Successfully move to four-year institutions, prepare for new careers, and commit to their communities’ lives and work.

It has a total enrollment of 14357. The school utilizes a semester-based academic year, and The student-faculty ratio is 33:1.

However, students can receive degrees and certificates in 25 different fields and Popular courses.

And also, include Liberal Arts and Sciences, Multi/Interdisciplinary Studies and Social Sciences, General Studies, and Humanities.

For Registration

  • Course offerings in the Schedule of Classes. Gather the CRN for each class.
  • Find the registration date on the Register/Pay tab of the My VCCCD student portal by entering View Registration Appointment and select term.
  • Under the Account and Registration, find the Register/Add/Drop link and select term.
  • And also, on the Add Classes Worksheet, enter the CRN for each course you wanted from the Schedule of Classes and “Save Schedule Changes.”

College Mission Statement

  • With a “student first” philosophy, Moorpark College enables its diverse community of students to achieve their academic transfer goals, required skills, and professional training.
  • However, Moorpark College integrates teaching and student services, collaborates with industry and educational partners, and fosters a global perspective.

Statement of University Values

  • Actions and Decisions are created on the following values:

1. Integrity

  • It gives commitment to honesty and ethics in all individual and institutional behavior.

2. Collegiality

  • Cultivate a respectful university culture that celebrates diversity and is based on participatory governance, open dialogue, and diverse perspectives.

3. Equity and Achievement

  • Firstly, provide immediate access to a high-quality education.
  • Secondly, help students identify and achieve their educational goals.
  • And also, minimize equity gaps and enable students from all walks of life to succeed. Flourish in our university communal.

4. Excellence

  • Individual our Continuously improving and collective efforts to help our university community reach its full potential.

5. Creativity and innovation

  • Supporting new approaches to problem-solving, risk-taking, and creative expression.

6. Financial Aid

  • Moorpark College participates in an array of federal and state financial aid programs.
  • All students are encouraged to apply for financial aid by completing the Free Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) at
  • However, students who qualify under AB540 must complete and submit the California Dream Application at
  • Apply early as some funds may be limited.
  • And also, for further information and deadlines, please visit the financial aid office website.

Moorpark College Student Success and Support Program

  • Student Success and Support Program assists all students in attaining academic success.
  • It is a partnership between the College and the student to define and realize the educational goal.
  • And also, the SEP is a schedule of recommended courses that the student must take to achieve his/her educational goals.

Student Success and Support Services Activities

  • Firstly, an online and in-person orientation.
  • Secondly, assessment through multiple measures, including but not limited to testing for Math, English, and English as a Second Language.
  • Evaluation of other college coursework, career, and interest inventories, which result in course placement recommendations.
  • Lastly, counselling advisement resulting in the development of a Student Educational Plan.
  • Additional requirements and exceptions apply.
  • Consult APPENDIX XII -Student Success and Support Program Rights and Responsibilities (pages 305-307) of this catalog for full policy and procedures regarding Student Success and Support Services.

Moorpark – General information

  • The College exists to provide equal opportunities in post-secondary education at minimal cost to all who wish to avail themselves.
  • Basically, admission to College is open to any high school graduate, anyone with a high school proficiency certificate, or any adult eighteen or older who can benefit from education.
  • High school youth and seniors can participate in the high school admission program, provided they have signed permission from the correspondent.
  • The College is a model of what a community college should be: an institution that meets the educational and cultural needs of the community it serves.
  • Moorpark College offers 1,500 courses per semester in 70 disciplines, including lower division preparation in a wide variety of undergraduate transfer majors and programs.
  • It is leading to diplomas and graduation certificates.
  • However, Moorpark College also offers many professional specializations in fields adapted to local and national employment needs and trends.

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