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New Zealand Travel – When to go on a New Zealand Trip? Places to visit
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New Zealand Travel – When to go on a New Zealand Trip? Places to visit

New Zealand Travel

Welcome to New Zealand Travel. You will find a harmonious mix of lakes, mountain and volcanic landscapes, and tropical vegetation in this distant country.

New Zealand, isolated in the middle of the ocean, is located halfway between the South Pole and the Equator.

If on the surface it is small, the same cannot be said of its exceptional and varied nature. Here, nature lovers feel in paradise.

New Zeland: The country of the long white cloud

  • New Zealand is a country of rare landscape diversity: alpine valleys, jungles, beaches, glacial mountains, bubbling lakes, fjords, active volcanoes, and geysers.
  • But for the traveler, this is not just a country of sea and landscapes.
  • Thanks to the ideal climate and the blend of tribal traditions and British sophistication, life’s quality is among the best in the world.
  • The result is that today New Zealand is an attractive, ecological country, a safe destination for an educational journey, and full of positive sensations.

The country of the long white cloud

Information for traveling to New Zealand

  • Organizing a New Zealand trip is simple, both to reach it and to organize travel within it.
  • However, as you have read, the help of an experienced local agent will be crucial if you want your trip to be free from misunderstanding.
  • For example, did you know that it is deeply offensive for the Maori to climb Mount Taranaki’s summit?
  • However, seeing a country through the eyes of a person who has always known it in depth will give your trip a unique and inimitable character.

1. Flight

  • Depending on the season, the selected airline, and the advance with which you buy the flight.
  • A ticket to and from New Zealand will cost around 1200 euros.

2. Documents

  • You will need a passport with six months of validity remaining. For the visa, inquire carefully at the embassy.
  • It is not technically necessary, but you will need to have some exemption requirements.

3. Vaccines

  • No vaccination is mandatory.

4. Insurance

  • Medical expenses are very high, so it is advisable to take out health insurance for medical costs and air

What to pack when traveling to New Zealand?

  • In your luggage for New Zealand, you will surely pack clothes suitable for trekking, hiking, and sporting activities.
  • Take care to pack light clothes and something heavier for the evening and the South Island in particular.
  • Sunscreen is mandatory because here, the rays are powerful and intense and all your essential medicines.
  • The breathtaking landscapes and peculiar wildlife you will see on your trip to New Zealand make a camera imperative, even better if with a macro lens!

When to go on New Zealand Trip?

  • Remember that New Zealand seasons are reversed: the ideal time to go is from December to March.
  • It will allow you to visit the North Island enjoying a pleasant heat and the South Island with a cool one.
  • On the other hand, If you wish to take advantage of the New Zealand winter, you prefer June and August.
  • During the mid-seasons, especially autumn – therefore April – the colors of the vegetation are splendid.
  • In general, all year round is suitable for visiting the North Island, while the South Island is more prone to heavy rain in winter and mid-seasons.

Places to visit in New Zealand

  • Whether it’s the Wellington skylines or the New Zealand islands’ natural wonders, there are indeed good ranges when it comes to deciding what to see first.
  • So here are some little tips to get you started!
  • Milford Sound, in Fiordland National Park: this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful natural spectacles in the world. The combination of towering peaks plunging sheer into deep blue waters will leave you speechless.
  • Moreover, Wellington is the southernmost capital in the world, where Maori and colonial history intertwine.
  • Rotorua, a fascinating place where culture and nature intertwine: beautiful colors, spas, geysers, and the charm of ancestral lands twist for a combination that you really can’t miss.
  • Capo Reinga, because you absolutely must see with your own eyes the magic of a sea and an ocean that meet from the top of a cliff.
  • The Catlins’ beautiful coastal landscape, you observe different species of birds endemic to New Zealand, such as the cute kiwi or the yellow-eyed penguin.

New Zealand tour

  • A tour in New Zealand will surprise you. Natural, cultural, and architectural masterpieces will be challenging to hold back tears of emotion.
  • You can admire the immense glaciers of Franz Josef, the fjords of Milford Sound, the glimpses of Grandi Terre, and the beautiful capital Nouméa.
  • Equally beautiful are the symbolic islands of the Pacific, Fiji, and the Cook :
    the former is lively and always permeated by songs and perfumes; the latter reflects the ancient and wild Polynesia, still alive and intact today.

Journey of the Scenarios

  • If you are passionate about cinema, you certainly know the trilogy of The Lord of the Rings, taken from the timeless work of Tolkien.
  • IGV offers you a journey through places that leave you breathless and have been the backdrop to Frodo and his brave friends’ events.
  • With this tour, which takes place by car, you will become the brave protagonists of a fantastic tale, and you will live your adventure.
  • Journey in the footsteps of the hobbits, which will take you to contemplate grandiose and uncontaminated scenarios.

Journey of the Scenarios

The journey from majestic Auckland to magical Rotorua

  • Are you ready for a holiday full of emotions, among imposing buildings and romantic paths surrounded by greenery?

1. Choose the Aotearoa itinerary of iGV

  • Before your dreamy eyes, cities overflowing with spirituality and at the same time modern will present themselves, revealing the signs of ancient Maori culture and combining it with futuristic architecture.
  • You will be greeted by beautiful Auckland, full of poetic contrasts and opportunities for fun, and by the mysterious Rotorua with its lunar landscapes dotted with geysers.

2. The splendor of the New Zealand glaciers

  • Combining the Aotearoa tour with New Zealand’s spectacular glaciers, you will have an unforgettable experience, impossible to describe in words.

The splendor of the New Zealand glaciers

3. The Franz Josef Glacier awaits you in all its magnificence

  • In the crystalline surfaces, which shine like gems in the sun’s rays, huge mountains are reflected, almost always covered by the snow’s whiteness.
  • You will stop at Paparoa National Park, full of bizarre rock sculptures, and in the beautiful town of Kaikoura, a small pearl with a fairytale-like seabed.

4. A memorable adventure between car, train, and cruise

  • An Adventure Tour in New Zealand to be traveled both by land and by sea is truly a unique experience in the world.

5. Natural and architectural masterpieces will mark your path

  • You will breathe the scents of the forest deeply, admire the whiteness of the snow, you will be amazed in front of the boundless mountains that frame the stretches of water.
  • Milford Sound offers to your gaze incredible cliffs overlooking the sea; Auckland will amaze you with its skyscrapers and with the traces of an ancient culture.

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