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Places to Visit in Italy – The best places to visit and things to do

Places to Visit in Italy

Places to Visit in Italy are many. It is rich in art and culture; wherever you turn, you will find a story to discover.

And this does not only happen in big cities like Florence, Turin, Rome or Naples.

It also happens in small villages, hidden and little-known villages, where only the most curious and passionate go to discover these beautiful places.

From north to south, in our beautiful country, there are many, and they are one more beautiful than the other.

What to see in Italy and the best places to visit?

  • If you want to visit Italy for your next trip, and are you looking for the best places to visit?
  • Great choice, there are so many beautiful things to see in this country, you will love it!
  • With its many beautiful cities, its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, some of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean and of course its delicious cuisine, I can say without a doubt that Italy is one of my favorite destinations in Europe.
  • However, to help you plan your holidays in Italy, I have prepared this list of the 20 best things to do in Italy, with all the most exciting points and attractions not to be missed.
  • It will surely give you an idea of your next travel destination.
  • So, what are the most beautiful Italian cities to visit? Let’s go to the discovery of Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Sicily, and much more!

Northern Italy

Miramare Marine Nature Reserve, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

  • The Miramare Marine Nature Reserve is located in the Gulf of Trieste, where the Miramare Castle also stands, now used as a museum.
  • However, the management of this marine protected area is entrusted to the WWF Italy Association.
  • It was the first marine park established in Italy; its importance is also classified as a Specially Protected Area of Mediterranean Interest.

Lake Resia, Trentino-Alto Adige

  • Lake Resia is an artificial alpine lake located in the municipality of Curon Venosta, and with its 120 million cubic meters, it is the largest lake in the province of Bolzano.
  • Howeve, the top of the old Curon bell tower emerges from the lake water, making the atmosphere even more beautiful and unique.
  • Furthermore, from December to March on the frozen lake, skiing and skating are also snowkiting and sledding thanks to the firm and frequent winds.

Center of Italy

Park of the Monsters, Lazio

  • The Monster Park, also known as Sacro Bosco, is located in Bomarzo, in Viterbo.
  • It is a natural park characterized by numerous sculptures depicting mythological animals, divinities, and monsters.
  • And also, it covers an area of about 3 hectares in a coniferous and deciduous forest.

La Scarzuola, Umbria

  • La Scarzuola is a rural town located in the municipality of Montegabbione, precisely in the hamlet of Montegiove.
  • In this locality, there is an ancient convent where, according to tradition, St. Francis of Assisi lived.
  • However, a villa was conceived and built in the twentieth century by the Milanese architect Tomaso Buzzi as a personal interpretation of the ideal city.

Southern Italy

Herakleia Oasis, Basilicata

  • The Herakleia Oasis of Policoro is qualified as a Regional Environmental Education Center.
  • Due to its geographical position, it is part of the last lowland wood in southern Italy.
  • And also, its 21 hectares include the Provincial Naturalistic Museum and a Wild Animals and Sea Turtle Recovery Center.

Norman-Swabian Castle, Calabria

  • The Norman-Swabian Castle of Cosenza is built on one of the city’s highest points, at 383 meters above sea level, on Pancrazio hill.
  • The building periods back to the 11th century, an actual military stronghold; it was also used as a prison over time.
  • A strong earthquake in 1184 destroyed the fortress making it unusable.
  • Only with Frederick II’s arrival did it return to its splendor, assuming an important defensive function.
  • However, the Swabians made it take on Frederick’s castles’ typical layout with a rectangular structure, corner towers, and vaulted rooms.

Salt Lake Oasis – Puglia

  • The Lago Salso Oasis is a protected natural area located in Manfredonia in Foggia, consisting of 540 hectares of wetland made up of reeds and water stretches.
  • However, this area welcomes many birds during all seasons, and inside it is possible to go on excursions and guided tours, even aboard electric boats.


Red Rocks Beach, Sardinia

  • The Rocce Rosse beach is a site located in the inhabited center of the hamlet of Arbatax, in the municipality of Tortolì, at the entrance to the port and the foot of the Bellavista
  • Catacombs of the Capuchins, Sicily
  • It is an exciting and impressive destination at the same time; the Catacombs of the Capuchins of Palermo are present in the basement of the convent near the church of Santa Maria Della Pace.
  • Visit them only if you feel courageous and with cold blood; the tunnels are full of skeletons and mummies fully dressed and divided by sex and social category.
  • There are 8,000. Merchants and bourgeois in their “Sunday” clothes, army officers in gala uniforms, women who died before marriage dressed in their wedding dress, family groups standing on high shelves bordered by balcony-like railings.

Valley of the Moon, Sardinia

  • Valle Della Luna is the name of the valley of Cala Grande, about 500 meters long and located in the municipality of Santa Teresa Gallura.
  • The province of Sassari, not confused the other valley of the moon present in the territory of Aggius.
  • However, Granite rocks characterize this one of Santa Teresa Gallura with unusual shapes that form a straight valley down to the sea.

The best places to visit in Italy

  1. Manarola, Cinque Terre
  2. Florence
  3. Rome
  4. Venice
  5. San Gimignano
  6. Orvieto
  7. Pompeii
  8. Sorrento
  9. Milan
  10. Pisa
  11. Verona
  12. Sirmione
  13. San Miniato
  14. Naples
  15. Vernazza, Cinque Terre
  16. Como
  17. Palermo
  18. Bologna
  19. Lecce, Puglia
  20. Montepulciano
  21. Lake Braie

However, visiting Italy from North to South is mandatory! There are hundreds of beautiful places to visit in Italy and many times we don’t realize what a wonderful country we live in.

And also, there is no need to take intercontinental flights to discover natural treasures.

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