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Profisee vs. Informatica MDM

Profisee vs. Informatica MDM

Profisee and Informatica MDM are both reputable master data management platforms that offer various unique data management features to their users. Each of these platforms has their own unique selling point, allowing the users to have more power in using their data. Their data governance technology allows the users to manage and handle their data assets in a better way with the modern data architecture technology.



So, what are the differences between Profisee and Informatica MDM? Here are some differences between Profisee and Informatica MDM:

1. The Way Each Platform Handles Your Data Assets

Profisee provides the master data management platform that helps you control and manage the most important data assets in your business, so you can get the data information you can trust. This is the platform that focuses on building the trustworthiness of your business data, eliminating any instances of errors, inconsistencies, and conflicts in your data management.

Informatica MDM is the master data management platform that uses the cloud-first AI technology to manage your data sources and make it easier to access and analyze. With this platform, you can get a single view of your data, which allows you to understand the relationship between each data asset you have.

2. Benefits that Each Platform Offers to Your Business

Profisee provides various benefits for their MDM platform, such as increased data quality and trustworthiness for your business, affordable enterprise data governance solution, scalable data infrastructure, and multiple domains usage. Also, with Profisee, you can get faster data processing speed, faster implementation, and better ROI for your business.

In contrast, Informatica MDM provides the benefits such as unifying your data assets, building relationships between each data asset, and providing better analytics for your data assets to help you make better decisions in your business.

3. Various Solutions Offered by Each Platform

Profisee provides various data management solutions for businesses that include the multi-domain master data management solutions, so you can integrate data sources from multiple domains into a single data source. Also, Profisee uses the modern technology that incorporates modern cloud architecture, Azure master data management, and Azure Purview + MDM for business users.

Informatica MDM provides master data management solutions that include customer data platform, multi-domain MDM, customer 360, product 360 (PIM), Supplier 360, Finance 360, and Reference 360. The platform made each solution suitable for different business types, with the goal of helping them integrate all the data assets to make them easier to control and manage in their business.


You have learned the differences between Profisee and Informatica MDM. Each MDM platform offers unique features that help the users to have better control and management of their data assets, and they can use their data assets to benefit their business in the long run.

Both Profisee and Informatica MDM use their own data architecture technology that enables the users to modernize their data infrastructure, making it faster and better for the users to process their data assets and analyze them. The high-tech data infrastructure also helps the users with their decision-making process, making it possible for them to make smarter decisions for their business.

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