Reddit – How does it work? How to read deleted comments on Reddit?

What is Reddit?

Reddit describes itself as “The first page of the Internet.” This term conveys their claim to a unique position.

On the front page of a print newspaper, readers will find the daily topics and headlines that publishers consider most important.

Reddit claims to be the first point of contact for the World Wide Web, calling itself a “homepage.”

When it comes to the US market, these claims are entirely credible – after all, the number of subreddits went from nearly 11,000 (2008) to about 1.64 million (September 2019) subreddits in just 10 years.

Reddit collects social messages in an almost unmanageable number of “subreddits.” These are created by users and filled with content.

The idea of a forum is based on Roman antiquity can be seen in its self-image.

For example, the Roman Forum was a central place for visiting temples and public exams and a place of spiritual exchange.

The technical basis of Reddit

  • Common Lisp originally wrote the website, but the development team switched to Python before it was released.
  • The successor pylon has also replaced Swartz’s web framework for Reddit and is now available as open-source software.
  • Rather than Reddit, some of the welfares of document management software, the features you should look out for, and a few of our recommended platforms.
  • From 2008 to September 2017, officially known Reddit’s source code was open-source on GitHub.
  • However, according to the company, it was so far removed from its sudden beginnings that lengthy developments in the public code now hampered new products’ introduction.
  • However, Reddit continues to use open source tools, which is in line with company policy.

How does Reddit work?

  • Forums thrive on personalized content. Community members create subreddits on specific topics and set forum rules.
  • Other users act as moderators who enforce these subreddit rules. Reddit itself already has a netiquette (known as “Reddiquette”) and page guidelines.
  • Each subreddit also has its set of rules that determine which contributions are allowed.
  • Moderators delete comments that violate forum rules and can exclude repeat offenders from the group.

How to read deleted comments on Reddit?

  • Deleted Reddit comments can be surprisingly frustrating because you lose all context on a given thread.
  • Fortunately, there are ways to expose these deleted comments!


  • One of the Easiest ways to deleted Reddit comments is by using UnEdit. While UnEdit is very easy to use, it’s not entirely consistent.
  • Start the UnEdit page and drag the Unprinted blue button onto your bookmarks or favorites bar. If your bookmarks bar isn’t already showing, you can remove it using the following keyboard shortcuts:
  • Chrome : Command / Ctrl + Shift + B
  • Safari : Command + Shift + B
  • Firefox : View> Toolbars> Bookmarks Toolbar
  • Now you can go to Reddit posts with comments and hit the UnEdit button. When you do this, all deleted words will be High-Lighted in red.
  • UnEdit doesn’t seem to work with all posts, especially if they are less than seven hours old. Newer comments that have not been deleted are incorrectly marked as deleted.
  • You can be sure by clicking the comment’s permalink. If you follow the message, you know that it is a deleted comment.


  • Resavr sees contrariwise which comments should save. Instead of restoring everything, Resavr recovers words that are longer than 1000 characters instead.
  • It’s an exciting balance: in theory, you’d expect longer comments to be more useful, but sometimes you want to recreate a cross-page one-liner or anecdote.
  • You will also notice that Resavr’s user interface is radically different from the other websites.
  • Instead of changing a URL to get deleted comments, the site itself seems to be monitoring Reddit for deleted comments, which gives insight into how long it took to delete a post.
  • Resolver cannot filter Reddit’s child, which means you can get NSFW content at an inopportune time. Keep this in your mind if you want to restore any content!


  • While we just showed how easily Reddit comments could be quickly restored, there are times when a comment is better made invisible.
  • In short, this means editing an existing word and saving the changes before deleting it.
  • It will completely obscure the content of the original comment.
  • Remember that once you delete a comment, you will not be able to edit the word, i.e., what was last visible will be restored.
  • If you want to clean your Reddit account of its booking history thoroughly, there are scripts to automate this process.
  • The original Userscripts website is no longer available (as of 2014), so you’ll need to use an alternative like Greasy Fork or the Userscripts mirror.
  • Start by installing the script manager for your browser. Chrome users will need Tampermonkey, while Firefox users will likely prefer Greasemonkey.
  • Navigate to one of the websites above and download a script.
  • Use caution when doing this – choose one with a large number of downloads or a high rating, as malicious scripts can pose a security risk.
  • Run the script, and it will start working its way through your booking history, likely replacing the original comments with filler text linked to the hand before deleting this revised comment.
  • You can remove the account entirely, and its posts should be unrecoverable, at least for such sites.
  • Of course, we cannot guarantee that they are impossible to get, but they are way out of a regular reader’s reach.

How to View Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments

  • Reddit is a popular online messaging forum with a wealth of information on various topics.
  • While browsing, some messages or comments can be deleted or removed for various reasons.
  • Reddit automatically removes the comments. If comments posted by users violate Reddit rules, those who ask questions can terminate misleading or non-spamming statements.

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