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Solitaire – Rules of the game and Strategies

Solitaire – Rules of the game and Strategies


Solitaire is probably the most well-known card game in the world. Therefore, it is prevalent in this country, but it is not easy, so children do not necessarily like to play it.

The course of the game can sometimes be so complicated that you cannot always finish it.

It depends on the cards turned up how often you can complete a game

Build Solitaire

  • Understand the goal of the game. It consists of building four decks of cards – one for each suit of playing cards – in ascending order (starting with the ace and ending with the king).
  • Start by laying out the cards. Place one card face active and six cards face down next to it.
  • Then put a card face up on the first face down card (but a little deeper) and then one look down menu on each of the other five cards.
  • Continue doing this so that each row has a free card on top. The left long row should contain one card, the next two, then three, four, five, six, and finally seven.
  • Put the residual cards in a separate pile and place them either above or below the sheet. This pile gives you more cards in case you run out of moves.
  • Leave space for four decks of cards at the top.

Distribution of points

Even with Solitaire, there is a fixed rating after the game. The most popular version of Solitaire has the following points:

  1. Put a card from the talon into play → 5 points
  2. Card from stock on top of the pile → 10 points
  3. Unlock the face-down card and turn it over → 10 points
  4. Turn over the talon → 15 PENALTY POINTS
  5. Return card from the end of the pile to the game → 5 PENALTY POINTS

Moving cards – This is how you play Solitaire

  • You can put a card on top of an open card if it fits into the order and is of the same color. Example:
  • If there is a cross 8 on top, a red 7 , then a black 6, on top of this 7, and so on.
  • Cards may be moved from one row to the other either individually or sets, provided that the correct order is always maintained.
  • If a card comes free within a vertical row, it must be turned over. If a longitudinal row becomes empty, a king may be placed, starting a new longitudinal row.
  • The aim of Solitaire is that all cards in the fourth pile in the correct order. Each stack must begin with an ace.
  • If exactly the right cards are released, you can place them on the corresponding authority to create a pile of the same color.
  • A connoisseur of spades is on an empty rise and a 2 of spades on top. According to these rules, 3 of spades, 4 of spades, and so on follow.
  • As soon as you have placed a card on the stack, you can put it back in a vertical row.

Solitaire: Rules of the game and strategies

Arrangement of the cards

  • 7 rows (pile) of cards are dealt, where only the top menu of each bank is visible.
  • The 24 outstanding cards that have not been dealt are stacked next to the vertical rows and called a ‘stick.’
  • Above the cards traded, there are always 4 empty stacks called ‘stacks.’

Arrangement of the cards

Goal of the game

  • Solitaire is about building 4 stacks of cards, each of the same color.
  • The cards must be in the order from A to King (A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-BDK). It applies to all stacks.

How do you use the pile of unused cards (stick)?

  • If you cannot fit cards in the lengthways rows, you look in the stick. We are assuming a game that reveals three cards, as in the original solitaire game.
  • You can also play with a card. See the chapter Game variations.
  • Three cards lie on top of another succeeding to the stick in a game with three cards face up.
  • You can move the third card (i.e., the top one). You cannot use the other two cards, but you can look at them.
  • The top card may use for the vertical rows or the stacks. If you transfer the top card, you can – if possible – use the next revealed card, etc.
  • When you cannot use the exposed card, you can turn over three additional cards.
  • If you have used all cards in the stock, you start all over again.

Win solitaire

  • The game lasts until you fill all 4 stacks or until you cannot place any more cards. If you have completed all 4 heaps, you have won the game.

Game variants

  • Single cards from the stick: Instead of the game variant in which you can use only the third card of the post, you can reveal and use every single card in this variant.
  • It increases the chance of completing the game.
  • Limited use of cards in the stick: With this variant, you can only use the stick to a limited extent, usually three times.
  • Time limit: In some online solitaire games, there is a time limit to end the game, usually 5 minutes.

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