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The biggest country in the world – Russia, Area, Ten places, Russia Day

The Biggest Country in the World

The biggest country in the world is Russia in Europe. It is the largest state in the world, and with its surface, it covers about 1/8 of the earth’s soil.

Located between Eastern Europe and North Asia, Russia is so large that it includes 11 different time zones, while its capital, Moscow, is one of the world’s largest cities.

There is a remarkable variety of landscapes in Russia: most of the territory is a steppe label in the southern zone.

While in the northern one, there is a strong presence of wooded areas with tundra.

It has several mountain ranges, such as the Caucasus and the Altai.

The Russian Federation also possesses a significant amount of plains.

It allows it to have 10% of the world’s arable land.

This state also has thousands of rivers and some of the world’s most famous lakes, such as Lake Baikal, the deepest
in the world, and others such as Ladoga and Onega.

Capital : Moscow

Area : 17.100.000 sq. Km

% of water in the territory : 13%

Population : 140,702,000

Density of Population : 8.4 inhab./kmq

Population growth rate : -0.06%

Area of Russia, biggest country in the world – 17.125.300 sq km

  • Almost everyone knows the grandeur of Greater Russia. It is a feast over two continents, primarily cold but with one of the wealthiest imperial histories.
  • We know of Gigantic cities, forests, lakes, frozen seas, and seaside resorts.
  • Russia is complete in every respect, both geographically and through tourism.
  • Many areas of the country are not connecting at road level, but even if it were, 250 hours behind the wheel would not be enough to make the entire trip.

Ten places to visit in Russia

  1. Red Square – Moscow
  2. Lake Baikal – Siberia
  3. Hermitage – St. Petersburg
  4. Trans-Siberian – Siberia
  5. Statue of Mother Russia – Volgograd
  6. Peterhof Palace – St. Petersburg
  7. Moscow Metro – Moscow
  8. Mount Elbrus – Kabardino-Balkaria
  9. Seven Sisters – Moscow
  10. Kamchatka

“Russia Day” is on June 12 has been since 1990

  • Not exactly. On June 12, 1991, Russia held its first presidential elections, won by Boris Yeltsin with 57.30% of the votes.
  • From 1992 June 12 was declared a national holiday and was then called “Day of adopting the declaration of state sovereignty.
  • Then in 2002, change the official name to “Russia Day.”
  • Many, however, mistakenly call it “Independence Day,” although the holiday never had such a name, at least officially.
  • However, the number is growing: in 2006, only 23% of Russians knew what was present celebrated.

What do Russians do on the day of Russia?

  • Quoting the NTV channel website, the “Day of Russia” is “a great patriotic day off, the symbol of National Unity and Civil Peace.”
  • Official platforms, streets, and buildings are decorated with the tricolor flag, concerts are held, and various events are plan, (including a big show on Moscow’s Red Square), followed by fireworks at the end of the Day.
  • Simultaneously, the Russians seem to spend the party like any other day of rest without overdoing it, even considering that this year falls on a Wednesday.
  • They spend time with their families, go for walks, visit the park, or chill out for a while.
  • One thing is sure: we Russians are not ready to give up a vacation day, even if we are not 100% certain of its origins.

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