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The Items You Should Not Pack on a Moving Truck!

The Items You Should Not Pack on a Moving Truck!

Moving Truck: If you are planning to move to a new place, packing is a job you have to do carefully. Working with a responsible moving company will give you much relief. Packing your precious belongings is no child’s play. One has to know what to do and what not to do while packing. There are items that top rated truck rental companies do not advise to be packed with other things. Let’s dig a little deeper for better understanding.

Inflammable objects

Well, some items can be hazardous and even illegal. Therefore, in order to move your items safely, you must follow some cautions. The list of potentially hazardous items starts with your bathroom materials and goes with some of your kitchen items. Most of them are gardening, cleaning, or self-care products. A moving truck gets hot inside (especially in summer). The warm environment may transform the inner materials into risky ones. Therefore, items like Lighter fluids, Nail polish remover, motor oil, fireworks, household batteries, propane tanks, spray are not recommended to be packed on a moving truck.

Food Items

Dangerous gases and fluids are always avoidable while packing. However, some food items could cause pests and a huge mess. Generally, foods are the items you give away to friends rather than carrying in a moving truck. Still, if you wish to take some unopened food items, you must make sure that they are tightly sealed. Pack the foods into zip lock bags. A safely packed food box has a lesser chance to prevent the risk of leaking and spreading. Food items are always better to take with you than to send them in a moving truck. Food in plastic containers, glass jars, frozen foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables are better carried with you.

High-Value Items

Some possessions are very precious. High-value items like ornaments, jewellery, unique collectables, metals, and irreplaceable heirlooms are better taken by yourself than load them in a truck. However, most moving companies are responsible, and you never know if an incident of theft occurs. Also, you are often more tender to your precious belongings. Assets like these are better to be taken by a person.

Greenery Items

While dealing with a local moving company, people want the movers to take their household plants from their landscaping. Moving with plants within a state is fine. Some states do not allow people to cross borders with plants. Plants often fail to endure the heat and stress inflicted on them during a move. In the case of local moving, self-transport is better. A plant owner who does the gardening himself will be more nurturing than movers in this regard.

Important Documents

Some documents are truly personal. The papers of legal matters, the house will, academic records are few such documents. Keep them personal. If by any chance, a file is lost, it can cause you much worried. Paper documents deserve more care than softcopies. Carry those in your bag. Personal files that need more attention are actually safe with you than in a moving truck.

Some More Things

There are some more things that fall under our personal possessions. Those can be simple to others but precious to us for personal preference. Antique family belongings like something you had from your ancestors might be an important possession of yours. Coin collection, stamp collections, fragile items that would not survive negligence. Additionally, you must take a good care of your camera, mobiles, and electronic items as well. In case of storing objects in a pod for the short or long term, stick with the list of items. Pods are sensitive to temperature changes. Do not store perishable objects with the need for special attention. For example, apply furniture oil to your wooden furniture before storage. It will protect them from damage.


If you are a pet owner, no matter how little your pets are, carry them yourself. Big pets like cats, dogs cannot be sent in a moving truck. But don’t let the birdcage or little rabbit move without their owner either. You can arrange specific cars for them where you can travel along with your loving pets. They will feel secure relocating when they have their master beside them. Pets do react in relocation. But with known faces, it is easier.

Apart from that, if you own a gun as a collection, some rarely available items which you dearly love, carry those yourself. Firearms, money, drugs are a few such items that you should not leave with a moving truck.


So, these are the items you should not pack on a Moving Truck. Moving is a tedious task. Your belongings deserve care. While a moving company must reach your things at the right place at the right time, you must arrange specialty things in such a way that makes a move successful. We hope our article serves you adequate useful information on the above topic. Have a safe move!

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