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Verizon Media – Oath changes its name and becomes Verizon Media Group in January

Verizon Media – Oath changes its name and becomes Verizon Media Group in January

Verizon Media

Verizon Media connects people to their passions. With brands like Yahoo, TechCrunch, and more.

They help people stay informed and entertained, communicate and transact while creating new ways for advertisers and partners to connect.

Basically, Verizon media is an incubator of innovation from XR experiences to advertising and content technology.

However, it revolutionizes the next generation of content creation in a 5G world.

Nearly 900 million fans love media technology for a unique experience. Verizon Media combines the power of content, scalability, and data to deliver results for advertisers, publishers, and partners.

Oath changes its name and becomes Verizon Media Group in January

  • A little less than two years after its official birth, in fact, the telco branch that includes AOL and Yahoo’s internet activities – purchased in 2016 for over 4 billion dollars – will be renamed, becoming, from January 8, Verizon Media Group.
  • Moreover, Oath, which since last October has been led by Guru Gowrappan – former manager of Alibaba, was not exactly a source of satisfaction for the telco giant.
  • Under Verizon Media Group’s hat, Variety recalls brands such as HuffPost, TechCrunch, Engadget,, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, RYOT, MAKERS, Tumblr, Build Studios, Yahoo Mail, and Verizon Digital Media Services are included.
  • And also, Verizon has downloaded properties such as Flickr, purchased by SmugMug, and Moviefone, sold to MoviePass, over the past year.
  • Basically, Verizon Media will replace the Oath brand, signalling our commitment to being the cornerstone of Verizon’s business.
  • Verizon Media replaced the Oath brand, a testament to our strong commitment as the cornerstone of Verizon’s business.
  • However, this quarter, we made it easier for people to access our unrivalled Variety and quality of consumer products.
  • We made it easier for advertisers and publishers to meet their business challenges with our unified ad platforms’ recent launch.
  • And also, we’ve built that solid foundation and differentiated our advertising solutions with over 20 new features this quarter.
  • It includes compelling ad formats and unique offerings such as digital outdoor signage, connected TV, and programmed audio.
  • However, we have opened up new opportunities for publishers through these new channels and innovative auction mechanisms.
  • These improvements will serve our partners better through more innovative personalization and a more substantial commitment to continually improving our ecosystem.

Accelerated the launch of new programs and products

  • We launched the Yahoo App, a new multipurpose app that brings the best of Yahoo in one place for a consistent and seamless experience.
  • Basically, it serves as a personalized daily guide with local weather, your favourite sports teams’ scores, and match moments.
  • And also, Match highlights, breaking news, stock quotes and market news, daily deals, original video content, web searches, and more.
  • However, we host Yahoo Finance wherever our customers are with content such as Women, Money, and Personal Finance.
  • And also, we have expanded our offline distribution capabilities with partners such as Apple TV, Roku, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Expanding real-time market coverage to 8 hours starting on January 7

  • And we will deepen our member relationships when we formally launch our Yahoo Finance Premium subscription, allowing retail investors to make an informed investment.
  • CRM helps you keep a record of information that you can reference at any time. You can easily customize your company’s records by using crm. 
  • However, it is through the solution to access sophisticated tools, unique proprietary datasets, and industry-leading research.

Yahoo Sports

  • It kicked off the NFL season by offering fans a high-quality live stream with seamless access to most local and national games ever seen on mobile.
  • Our partnerships with the NFL and NBA demonstrate our commitment to providing fans with the content they want. Our fans love our NFL Live product.
  • However, nearly 90% of fans who watch NFL games on Yahoo Sports return next week, 60% of them are 39 and younger, and live ad impressions average 90%.

Yahoo Mail

  • It launched features to assist members in finding the best shopping deals/coupons, getting the lowest price for what they buy.
  • And also, it improves their online shopping experience.
  • Moreover, we introduced Yahoo Mail for iOS 12, adding Siri shortcuts for quick access to critical information and more. We’ve optimized the Yahoo Mail app for Android Go phones.
  • However, Yahoo Mail continues to maintain a rating of over 4.5 stars for the app, this year. Yahoo Mail is available in 46 plus languages and 72 markets with over 200 million monthly active users.


  • Basically, it launched HuffPost LIFE, a recently redesigned and expanded section.
  • However, it is dedicated to inclusive and service-oriented life content in a more brand-friendly environment across formats and devices.
  • And it hosted our first parent conference.

The BUILD series

  • Basically, it has expanded its live entertainment offering to include over 7 hours of daily live streaming from our BUILD series.
  • And also, it had nearly 1,300 interviews and over 3,000 on-stage guests creating content streamed on Fios, ROKU, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Yahoo Lifestyle

  • It launched NOW // With Network, a celebrity-driven interactive platform.
  • It connects consumers with the best talent, brands, and products through premium stories and online shopping.
  • And also, this exclusive series of branded content kicked off with two episodes featuring actress/entrepreneur Nicole Richie and actress/singer Janel Parrish.

Yahoo News

  • It relaunched its app just in time to deliver best-in-class journalism, beating at least a dozen significant sensations in the past month.
  • However, from the first interview with George Conway to the latest news on the scandal in Russia and exclusive coverage of the crisis

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