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Youtube  TV – History, YouTube Premium, what it is, and how it works?

Youtube TV – History, YouTube Premium, what it is, and how it works?

What is Youtube TV?

Youtube TV is a service that brings the typical cable television through everything the famous Google platform can give.

TV YouTube is a service that offers: live TV, video on demand, and cloud-based DVR. YouTube, a subsidiary of Google, own it.

YouTube TV includes more than 70 channels, including US networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, FX, AMC, CNN, Fox News, TBS, Discovery, and ESPN.

It is just the result of a small “trend” going big abroad, with the possibility of attaching your console (Playstation or Xbox, that is) to a continuous streaming service to watch television.

There is no need for an antenna, have a digital connection.

In our country, such a possibility is not so far away. With digital terrestrial, it is impossible to reach everyone seen (low signal and impossibility to see channels in some regions of Italy).

In some cases, we can connect to some service to stream TV, but they are often very dedicated (such as RAI and Mediaset programs) or unofficial.

These are ways to, in a sense, make the system more universal.


  • YouTube TV started streaming in April 2017 in five US markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, as well as national networks in the US.
  • Other channels are: CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, BBC World News, The Smithsonian Channel, SundanceTV is owned by AMC Network, Disney Channel, owned by The Walt Disney Company, and BBC America, jointly owned by AMC Networks and BBC.
  • YouTube TV followers also have access to YouTube Premium original movies and TV series, although a YouTube Premium membership is not included with YouTube TV.
  • On February 14, 2018, YouTube TV began bringing Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting System Networks cable.

YouTube Premium, what it is, and how it works

  • YouTube Premium is the subscription service of the well-known video platform. It offers ad-free watching of all videos, offline reshowing, and private content with paywalls, mainly made by famous YouTube people.
  • It currently costs 11.99 Euros per month, and this includes a YouTube Music Premium subscription.
  • Google’s naming systems have always been a bit confusing, and the same goes for YouTube.
  • You will probably remember a service called YouTube Red. Before 2018 it was essentially the site’s subscription service.
  • Today it changed to YouTube Premium following the rebranding of YouTube Music as a completely separate app.
  • There are several brands and services now under the YouTube banner. Here’s a handy monitor to help you tell them apart:

YouTube Premium

  • The site’s leading paid subscription service.

YouTube Music

  • It is a separate music streaming service with its app that lets you listen to free music. It is Google’s competitor for Spotify and Apple Music.

YouTube Music Premium

  • The subscription version (9.99 euros) of YouTube Music. Unlike the free version, it allows for background playback, offline downloads, and higher bitrate audio than the Music app.
  • It is also possible to get it as part of the YouTube Premium membership. It presently includes access to Google Play Music but will soon replace it altogether.

YouTube TV

  • A Hulu-like live TV service that allows you to watch live TV and record cloud-based DVRs.

YouTube Kids

  • It is an app designed primarily for children, which contains only age-appropriate. The features of YouTube best Premium also apply to this.

Advantages of Premium

  • If you are considering signing up for YouTube Premium, there are several features to consider. Here is a list of the benefits of the service:

Ad-Free Display

  • You can view everything ad-free. The AD-free system applies to any platform you are logged into with your Google account, including web, smartphone, Roku, or other streaming devices.

YouTube Originals

  • You can access original content, mostly from high-profile creators, along with some TV shows, documentaries, and movies.

Background playback

  • If you use a mobile device, the audio of the video you are viewing will continue to play even if you are out of the app or if the phone display is off.
  • On Android, you can also view picture-in-picture videos while using other apps on your phone.

Video download

  • You will be able to download videos or playlists to watch them offline on your smartphone or tablet.

Set fixed quality and size of videos on Youtube

  • With Youtube, there are many extensions for the Firefox Chrome and Opera browsers that allow you to customize streaming videos according to personal preferences.
  • You can change several settings to have different graphics and, above all, to see videos without interruptions and with an optimized and fast loading.
  • YouTube plays videos in 360p resolution, which you can then manually change using the small button in the right corner of the player.
  • If you have a big monitor and a fast connection, you can choose to view all videos at 720p (HD) resolution.
  • And, while the internet connection is slow, you will have to settle for the lower resolution.
  • YouTube doesn’t offer a way to set a different default video resolution once and for all, so you can always see them all in the quality you choose.
  • The only option is visible in the registered account settings (if you do not log in with an account, you cannot), in the “video playback” section, where you can choose the video playback quality.

Set fixed quality and size of videos on Youtube

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Start watching

  • You can watch YouTube Originals movies and series on or in the YouTube mobile app.
  • If you quit YouTube while watching an episode or movie, content playback will resume from where it was paused during the last viewing.
  • YouTube TV subscribers also have access to YouTube Originals content at no additional cost.
  • YouTube Originals content can be found on YouTube TV on all devices, on, or in the YouTube Mobile app.
  • If you are in a country or province where YouTube Premium isn’t yet available, check out Google Play Movies to determine if the title is available.

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Review Youtube TV – History, YouTube Premium, what it is, and how it works?.

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