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Beaches in Georgia – St. Simon’s Island, Sapelo Island, Tybee Island, and more
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Beaches in Georgia – St. Simon’s Island, Sapelo Island, Tybee Island, and more

Beaches in Georgia

Beaches in Georgia are countless along its coast. It is also great for hiking, rafting, and kayaking.

Georgia is known as Great Britain after King George II and is one of the most extraordinary diverse states in the United States (US).

The state is remarkable for its scenic coastline, immutable peaks, and rich history.

The Coca-Cola, Georgia home immerses itself in Mediterranean charm as you walk the cobbled streets of Savannah.

The state is home to forty-seven (47) state parks. In Columbus, the Chattahoochee River is known for its urban white watercourse, which is the largest in the world.

Now let’s look at the many beach gems of this historical state.

St. Simons Island

  • St. Simons Island: St. Simons Island, the smallest of the golden islands of Georgia, is located on the southeast coast between Savannah and Jacksonville.
  • The island, also known as “The East Beach,” serves as a residential community and a seaside resort.
  • The island’s warm climate, beautiful coastline, myriad aquatic adventures, natural surroundings, historical sites, shops, and restaurants are some of the main factors.
  • They draw visitors from all over the world to this beach retreat.
  • St. Simons Island is also very popular with long-term vacationers and part-time residents.
  • White-tailed deer, raccoons, alligators, turtles, marsh rabbits, and native and migratory waders are a famous sight in the vibrant St. Simons Island landscape.
  • The waters of the island’s beach are abundant in marine life, such as whales, dolphins, a wide variety of wild fish, and sometimes even manatees.
  • Golf is one of the leading sports across the island, but hiking, biking, rowing, and sailing are also popular.

Sapelo Island

  • Sapelo Island is one of Georgia’s Barrier Islands and one of Georgia’s best-kept secrets, as the Georgia Department of Natural Resources protects it.
  • It is accessible by hopping on a small plane or, other efficiently, the ferry takes less than ten minutes and departs from the Sapelo Island Visitor Center.
  • Sapelo Island (NSRRU) National Estuarine Research Reserve, University of Georgia Marine Institute, and 70 descendant residents are the only civilization permanently on the island.
  • So it is a surreal place to see. RJ Reynolds Mansion, an 1810 home, has been restored to accommodate a handful of visitors, and there’s also a nearby public beach.

Tybee Island

  • Located in Chatham County, Georgia, Tybee Island is a city and island on the eastern edge of the state and a popular tourist destination for visitors to Savannah and the rest of the world.
  • Pirates frequented Tybee Island, strategically located near the mouth of the Savannah River.
  • It is also known as Savannah Beach due to the two cities’ proximity. Tybee is a bird watcher’s paradise. You can easily spot Herons, egrets, and osprey.
  • The island typically attracts many families and couples who wish to spend their beach holidays relaxing on the smooth sand or cycling barefoot around the beautiful beach town.
  • Seafood lovers will particularly appreciate the variety and taste of various fish specialties around the city.
  • And also, several endangered turtles nests in the sand around the beach.
  • While the Civil War Fort and the famous Tybee Island Lighthouse are the two main attractions, swimming, kayaking, and other water sports also attract many tourists.

Tybee Island

St. Marys

  • St. Marys is considered the “Gateway to the Isle of Cumberland,” as this is the starting point for any journey that way via ferry.
  • State parks, bird watching trails, mountain biking, fishing charters, golf, and waterfront event venues are among the perks of visiting this more populated beach destination.
  • Take a tram ride to explore shops, historic buildings, and other significant sites.
  • Stop at Orange Hall to peer into the pre-war lifestyle, and be sure to check out the local food scene.
  • Fulford’s Fish House, Captain Seagle’s Restaurant, offers fresh South St. Mary’s seafood flavors.

Glory Beach

  • The location of the Academy Award-winning film Glory, Glory Beach is now a quiet beach paradise.
  • It is difficult to imagine that the island has a painful past.
  • The beach is accessible from the parking lot of the adjacent football complex.
  • The walkway created by the directors during the film’s production is now a critical wildlife observation point.
  • The wooded area around Glory Beach is home to several species of wild grass that nestle with Russian thistle and camphor.
  • Come evening, the cool breeze invites various animal species such as deer, raccoons, and various shorebirds. Bring binoculars if you like to observe marine flora and fauna.

Jekyll Island

  • You’ve probably seen photos of the iconic Driftwood Beach on the north side of the island with its twisted trees scattered across the sand.
  • It serves as a stunning silhouette of the sunset, and a total of 10 miles of unique beaches envelop Jekyll.
  • Corsair Beach Park is close to the Beach Village shops, Glory Beach Park is lined with dunes, and the easily accessible Great Dunes Beach Park is perfect for parking and picnicking.
  • Visit the picturesque Ocean View Park for its coastal paths and South Dunes Beach Park with its boardwalk leading to the sand. The island also focuses on ecotourism.

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